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The Toxic Seed of Mumia Abu-Jamal

ALERT! MUMIA'S SON TRANSFERRED AGAIN! by: Monique Code According to the state, his only crime is that he is a Panther Cub. This is the life of our comrade Brother Jamal Hart. He is currently serving a 15-year sentence for a crime he did not commit.

The above message showed up at the "Free Mumia" website a week or so ago. Having seen an increasing amount of activism on behalf of Mumia’s incarcerated son I thought I might look further into the matter. What I found was not exactly surprising.

It seems that Mr. Hart is in jail for much more than just being a "Panther Cub" as his proponents would like one to believe.

Hart was convicted and jailed for 15 years and eight months in 1998 for being a felon in possession of a gun. The than 26 year old, was by no means a stranger to the law.

(Picture Of Mumia's son Jamal from prison)
What Hart supporters neglect to tell anyone in all of their rhetoric about their "Panther Cub" was that by the time he was arrested with a loaded .357 handgun, he already had four robbery convictions and one for possession of drugs. According to sentencing guidelines this supposed "political prisoner" could have easily been sent to jail for 19 years instead of the nearly 16 that he received.

The judge in the case characterized Hart as a "armed career criminal." An observation that the facts seem to adequately bear out.

Jamal Hart, who went by two aliases was arrested by two Philadelphia police officers on Oct. 11, 1996, after they observed him driving through a stop sign.

The officers testified that Hart had a loaded .357 concealed in his waistband.

After reading through trial transcripts I think Hart should be counting his blessings that the only thing he received from his conduct that day was a jail sentence. More trigger happy cops could have ended the situation in a much more violent fashion and may have had cause to do so.

According to court records:

" Here, the defendant failed to stop his vehicle...even after the officer used his horn, flashed blinking lights, and physically signaled the defendant to pull over. It was not until (the officer) cut his police vehicle on an angle...cutting the defendant off a little bit...that the defendant stopped.
When (the officer) walked towards the defendants car, he saw the defendant, "moving his hands, like when someone is nervous towards the waistband...Although the officer screamed at him...not to move his hands...the defendant continued to do this...(the officer instructed the defendant and the passenger to put their hands on the dashboard, and though the defendant complied for a moment, the defendant "moved back" again to his waistband or towards his lap area...The defendant failed to place his hands on the dashboard despite several demands from (the officer), and the officer saw a bulge in the defendant’s jacket...(the officer) reached inside the car and placed his hand on the bulge. At that moment the officer "noted that it was a gun." Another officer responded...and grabbed the defendants gun from his waistband."

For his part, Jamal Hart claims that the police planted the gun on him. Like father like son I guess.

Through my research I have discovered numerous references inferring that Hart was " targeted for his prominent activism in the campaign to free his father". That quote was from the website of the Partisan Defense Committee, but this assertion is prevalent in nearly all of the "Free Jamal Hart" articles that I was able to find.

There are, however, a few problems with this bit of propaganda. I scoured the internet looking for references of Jamal speaking out on behalf of his father and could find not one that were before his arrest and subsequent conviction.

Also, I was a full-fledged activist on behalf of Mumia at the time when his son was also supposedly working so diligently on his father’s behalf and I cannot remember ever meeting him or hearing him speak, or even recall hearing his name in any context.

That does not mean that Jamal did not participate in the movement to "Free Mumia", but if he was involved, it was not to the extent that his proponents would have one to believe. And even if he was somehow involved, this does not mean that he was "framed", or that police even had clue one who he was when he was arrested.

What seems to be most likely is that Jamal Hart was involved in the criminal lifestyle, got caught, was nailed with a heavy sentence, and now wants to capitalize on his father’s name in order to garner support and notoriety.

What one should not forget in all of this is that the same people who brought us the lies about Jamal Hart are the same who brought the lies about his father and the lies about MOVE etc..

What else are they lying about?


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