Monday, November 20, 2006

Protest the Dec 9, 2006 Mumia Terror Rally

Rage and violence turn irrational when they are directed against substitutes"

-Hannah Arendt

The following message was posted this past weekend on the website of the NYC Free Mumia Coalition:

Saturday, December 9th, will mark the 25th year of Mumia's incarceration, and the 25th year of his RESISTANCE, right in the bowels of the Beast.

(The scene of Officer Faulkner's Murder)
What an example of resistance Mumia has provided-- refusing to be silenced, learning, teaching, encouraging, engaged in struggle and strategy for resistance every minute of his life. We, too, are part of that resistance!

Let's join together on Saturday December 9th with WARD CHURCHILL and others, in Philadelphia to mark this extremely important anniversary, when the enemy decided to make its ultimate move on a heroic revolutionary brother and leader.We will be gathering at 12 NOON, at PHILADELPHIA'S CITY HALL to march to the AFSC building on 15th Street and Cherry.

The New York City contingent will leave by 3 PM to get back to NYC(Judson Memorial Church) and celebrate Lynne Stewart's victory against these same fascistic forces that want to kill Mumia. We celebrate the fact that the government could not get the consensus it wanted on putting Lynne away for the rest of her life.


It is nothing new for supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal to celebrate on the cop-killer's behalf on the anniversary of the day that he gunned down Officer Faulkner. We all know and can expect that potty mouth, child rape endorser, and cop-killer groupie, Pam Africa will be there with her band of stinking miscreants. That much is a given.

What stands out and is particularly egregious about this year's festivities is who else the Jamal supporters are throwing their party for. In the past it has been the "usual suspects" who show up at the Mumia-fests, members of the Hollywood left, professional activists, racial opportunists etc...But this year's guests are far more insidious than the normal band of mis-informed out-of-towners whose knowledge of Jamal's case is marginal and generally limited to cheap slogans.

For 2006, the Jamal supporters have decided to bring Ward Churchill to Philadelphia to celebrate Officer Faulkner's death. In case you are not familiar with Churchill think Sept 11th and Eichmann. It was Professor Churchill who, in a post 9/11 essay, blamed America for the catastrophic events of that day, and than called the innocent victims of the terrorists "little Eichmans", comparing innocent terror victims with a concentration camp administrator.

Churchill has never apologized for his statement and in fact has gone on to work the professional martyr circuit after his comments brought him national indignation.

But, it is not just Churchill's blatant anti-Americanism that is cause for him to be loathed. It also appears that he is an academic fraud who has been masquerading as a native American in order to sell books and create a faux identity.

At Colorado University, where Churchill is a tenured Professor, a damning report has recently been issued concerning his academic performance. The report alleged that Churchill had engaged in "serious research misconduct," including four counts of falsifying information, two counts of fabricating information, two counts of plagiarizing the works of others, improperly reporting the results of studies, and failing to "comply" with established standards regarding author names on publications. In addition to all of this, the committee found him "disrespectful of Indian oral traditions."

The school intends to dismiss the $100,000 a year tenured Professor, but Churchill has appealed the conclusions and instead of facing up to his misdeeds is pretending that he is some kind of victim of a modern day witch hunt.

It seems that Mr. Churchill is quite adept at pretending.

For years, he has cultivated an image and in fact has stated on numerous occasions that he is a native American. However, an extensive examination of genealogical records that traced branches of Churchill's family tree turned up no solid evidence of a single Indian ancestor. In addition, DNA tests further demonstrate that Churchill is not the Native American he claims to be.

So this is who the Jamal crowd is bringing to their cop-killer party this year.

A man who spits not only upon the memory of not only Officer Faulkner, but also upon the graves of the thousands of people murdered by terrorists on September 11th. He is a man who sits perched amidst his ivory tower, casting down hatred upon his nation, it's police officers, and innocent civilians who he regards as Nazis.

This is something that should not stand un-challenged. This man is contemptible, traitorous, and as seditious as one can get.

If the Mumia crowd wants to bring this man and place him on some kind of platform for him to spew his hatred, than I say that the people of Philadelphia should be there as well, to let this man know just how welcome he is in the city of brotherly love. And as if the Churchill debacle was not insidious enough, Jamal's supporters are set to board buses after their cop-killer party and go to New York where they will continue their celebration with terror supporter Lynne Stewart.

In case you don't know Stewart, a long-time Jamal supporter, she was found guilty of conspiracy, providing material support to terrorists, and defrauding the U.S. government. Despite the serious charges, Stewart managed to connive her way to only a two year sentence.

This despite the fact that she could have just as well been sentenced to three decades in jail for her crimes.

In a wicked sense of irony, it was Stewart's long history of defending the worst of the worst as her capacity as an attorney, that provided a mitigating factor in terms of her sentencing. The Judge who sentenced her took the position that by providing a defense for mobsters, terrorists, etc...that she was performing a duty beneficial to her country.

He apparently looked the fact that Stewart had a common cause with many of her "radical" defendants.

Stewart's conviction came about as a result of her conduct while acting as defense counsel for Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, the so-called "blind Sheikh" who masterminded the first attack on the World Trade Center and who was planning attacks on other major targets in New York City when he was caught.

For her part, Stewart was passing information from her client to his followers allowing him to continue to wage his campaign of terror and death. Just like Jamal and Churchill, Stewart considers herself not the perpetrator, but the victim.

So this is where we are at. On December 9, 2006 an academically discredited, wannabee Indian, terrorist apologist, and cop-killer enthusiast, will be showing up in Philadelphia to tell the people of the city that his murderer friend Mumia should be set free.

From my point of view, this guy deserves more than just the usual one-fingered-salute that is the standard response to the "Free Mumia" rallies. This deserves something more. Ward Churchill and his ilk are spitting upon the graves of every police officer, every soldier, and every innocent victim of 9/11, and I for one, don't think he should be able to just come in and get away with that.

When this man leaves Philadelphia he should know exactly what the people of this city think of him. And for those of you in NYC, I think Mrs. Stewart should get the same kind of reception. It is her right as an attorney to defend any client she pleases (actually she has been disbarred) but still...We also have the right to let her know what we think about her acting on behalf of her terrorist client's vile terroristic enterprises.

Jamal's supporters claim that he is the "voice of the voiceless".

From this writer's vantage point it appears that he has become the voice of terror.

So now we know that the cop-killer groupies, MOVE child-rapists, and terror supporters are going to be doing to celebrate the murder of a Philadelphia Police Officer. Now, I guess the question is what are we going to be doing about it?


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