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MOVE And Their Crazier-By-The-Day Supporters

If one possibly needed anymore proof that MOVE's supporters are generally off the wall, please take the time to read the following email exchange between myself and one of MOVE's buddies. For his sake I have omitted his name and will refer to him as only D. Our correspondence began when I commented on his myspace page about his meeting with Ramona Africa. I sent him my website addresses. He thanked me and than asserted that MOVE is dedicated to making the world a better place. He also wanted to know what I thought of plastics and drugs. Something he apparently finds very important. Enjoy the madness. His messages are in italics while mine are in bold print

I would have to take issue with your assertion that MOVE is
dedicated to a "more natural planet". As someone who lived amongst them I can
tell you that this alleged dedication exists only in their rhetoric. Like
any such group I think they should be judged not by the ideology that they
espouse but by the reality that they live.

As for my personal beliefs on plastics etc...I would not claim to
be an
expert on such things, however I do have a very serious concern
about our culture of hyper-consumption. As for drugs, that is a pretty
broad topic...I think anything you put in your body that is formulated
in a lab deserves to be given the greatest scrutiny.

There is plenty of room for debate about those kind of things,
but as far as MOVE goes there is no synthesis between verity and falsehood. And
MOVE is nothing but a flat out fraud.

Thanks for writing back,

you have yet to prove to me that move is inhuman or doing anything worse than those they are opposed to. still curious about your attitude towards drugs, plastics and other things that are destroying our earth. i find it strange that people who think they are "good" wont support this. i think you are a hypocrite.

You may well think that I am a hypocrite, and maybe I am. I don't
know what your grounds are leveling that charge against me, but opinions are
a dime a dozen. And you don't really know me so I don't know why you feel
the need hurl insults in my direction. Really though, I don't have to prove anything to you. I have lived with MOVE and know what I know and have chronicled my experiences and that of others who have been in the group's orbit. If you come away from that thinking MOVE is just great, than too bad for you. I have never asserted that MOVE is "inhuman". What I have said, amongst many other things, is that they deprive their youth even a basic education and that they force girls within the sect as young as 11 or 12 years old to become impregnated before they came write their own names or read a book above a Dr. Suess level. If you are cool with that, than that is something you may want to examine within yourself. I do not claim to be an expert on either drugs or plastics. And what that has to do with MOVE who uses both escapes me. Perhaps this is your way of evading an argument or is some kind strange obsession for you. I don't know and to be honest I don't really care about what your opinions are on such things. I am not an expert about plastics, drugs, or dogs that sing, I am an expert on MOVE. If there is something that I have said about
them that you perceive to be untrue than I urge you to bring that issue
forward and let us discuss it without calling names.

Otherwise, I wish you well.

Thanks for writing,

let all be fine and well,
my reply in stating that you are a hypocrite stems from the fact that
you can criticize someone for offering an alternative, but your web
page offers none. i think move's motives are more genuine than that
of factory farming, military industrial complexes, and consumerized
landfills. does this set you adrift? what you offer me is nothing.

Hypocrisy is the act of pretending or claiming to have beliefs,
feelings, morals or virtues that one does not truly possess or practice.
Nowhere in my present writings do I pretend to be anything other than
I am. I am not a polymath, nor do I claim to be. I also do not present to
my readers the notion that I am the all knowing, all seeing, divine

Perhaps if you are going to slander someone you should at least have
a vague idea of the meaning of the words that you are using.
I offer my evidence concerning MOVE through anecdotes, testimonials,
and documents in an effort to educate the public about the group. That
is my stated aim, nothing more and nothing less.

I don't pretend to have an answer to all of the worlds problems.
What I do is point out that if someone is sincerely interested in
making things better on this earth, than they are wasting their time in
supporting MOVE.

The problems of this world are varied, complicated, and nuanced.
They will not be solved by meglomanical cult leaders and their ever dwindling
band of followers.

From my view the sooner we expose these charlatans who misdirect
energy and resources upon themselves the sooner we can get on with
the important work of making our world a place that we can be proud our
children are a part of.

MOVE is not interested in the environment, animals, free thought or
expression, This is a group that has degenerated to pure
self-aggrandizement and exists to maintain the bourgeois lifestyle of
it's leadership. If anyone in this equation are hypocrites it is MOVE,
especially the leaders of the group like your friend Ramona.
What are MOVE's motives? Do you know them from so far away? Did you
read them from their website? And more importantly can you name
something tangible they have done to make the world a better place?

They have sacrificed their children in pointless and violent
confrontations with the police. They have murdered public officials and attempted
to kill others. They practice, endorse, and attempt to cover up the rape of
children within the group...

Yeah the world is a pretty messed up place, but by making excuses for
violent and proven dangerous groups I want you to tell me how that
makes things better.

I am all ears sir.

blah blah blah, no where in your web page do you talk about what we
need to see as change for the better, unless of course you are
suggesting that move is responsible for all the problems of humanity.
you have all ears and wish to hear from me? listen to the moon. she'll
tell you all you need to know. you can hear her in liquid, air and
solid. you have wish to debate? debate her. i have no reason to debate

I think that it is good that they allow people with "special needs" access to computers. I think it good for your self-esteem and that kind of thing.

My website is about my particular experiences with a particular group. It also has resources about said group and ways to help people extricate themselves from this group. It is a place for people to get information about MOVE and that is about it. I never advertised it as anything else.

The change for the better would be for people to abandon groups like MOVE and live for themselves and their communities and not for cult-leaders who manipulate people's good intentions and naivete.

I did however take your advice and had a conversation with some celestial beings.

Interestingly enough we all came to the consensus that you were bat-shit crazy and need to get your meds checked.

Enjoy your padded room and conversations with your friend Ramona Africa. As they say birds of a feather...

Thanks for writing,


At 9:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg,your last response was hilarious! I am shocked at the things this supporter spoke of! WOW

At 9:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, my boyfriend saw one of the young fellas of MOVE eating an eggroll in front of a Chinese Store! lol Talk about hypocritical!I thought they only ate fruits and raw veggies?

At 9:50 AM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

There pretty much isn't anything MOVE members won't eat. Although they force their very young children on the "raw food" diet the adults eat anything you can think of.

I can recall pleny of pizza parties, ice-cream, meat of all kinds. You name it they will eat it.

At 6:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I AM SHOCKED!! Not "against the system's poisoning" MOVE!

At 11:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

D- Wake up MOVE are killers, child abusers, and fakes. Tony really is telling you like it is. Don't get yourself in so deep that you lose your life to MOVE, literally. Do your research. MOVE killed in 2002 and if needed will do it again.

Tony- Some people just don't get it. D's a sucker and MOVE will take full advantage of that.

At 11:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so obvious that this person did not want to talk about move and their actions.
Maybe he does not have a clue to what they really are. I hope he gets help because he really needs it. Move probably can no longer recruit people with common sense. Your blog has contributed to that.

Keep it up and pray for the lost souls like D.


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