Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Birthday Party "Pam Africa" Really Deserves

(Pic of Scam Africa hard at work and in serious need of Rogaine)

The social event of the year for cop-killer groupies will be held at Salem United Methodist Church on 129th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd in Harlem , New York from 5pm-9pm on November 18th.

It is Pam Africa’s birthday and her New York “radical chic” band of miscreants are throwing her a hearty night of festivities.

For those of you in or around the New York City area, this is the perfect occasion to let the seldom-washed cultist, and inveterate liar, know exactly how you feel. If you are fortunate enough to not have been exposed to Mrs. Africa’s brand of “activism” I offer you a quote from her that was taken from a previous “Free Mumia” rally held in NYC:

“Who the hell is Danny Faulkner? We’ve known who Mumia Abu-Jamal is from the time he exited his mother’s womb. Now who the hell is Danny Faulkner? Why is the government so hell-bent on breaking the law that they don’t want to tell us who Danny Faulkner is? I don’t know. But I got some hearsay. I heard from reliable sources that this man was a pimp to some Black women, teenagers in school. I don’t know. It’s hearsay. But if you are calling this monster a hero, like we’re calling Mumia a hero, dammit prove it! We are demanding to know who’s Danny Faulkner?

There are a couple of striking things about Pam’s above tirade. One of which is that she manages to get so far through her rant without saying “motherfucker” once. The other aspect of her sub-literate, cynical, and hateful verbal barrage is just how audacious it is. She speaks of Officer Faulkner in the present tense as if he were still alive, as if her hero Mumia had not blown Faulkner’s brains across a cold sidewalk on a December night way back in 1981.

Well, who was Officer Faulkner? He was the kind of guy who would visit a seven year old child at a hospital, an African-American child who was the victim of a sexual assault. Faulkner was the kind of guy who took the predator who hurt this child off the street and then took the time out of his night to visit the victim of this foul crime. That is what Officer Faulkner, the “monster” as Pam Africa called him was doing a mere hour before her hero murdered the young policeman. That was who Officer Faulkner was.

Now just who the hell is Pam Africa?

First of all, “Pam Africa” is of course not her real name. Her name is Jeanette Patton. She is also a criminal who has been arrested 10 times and found guilty 5 times on charges varying from simple assault and contempt of court. She is also a prominent member of MOVE.

As far as Pam’s role in MOVE goes, she has been identified as a leader of the group. This is not so much the case. She is much more of a hack, a tool, and a running joke amongst some of the older MOVE members. But that is not to say that she does not wield a certain amount of power.

Following the authoritarian model of MOVE, Pam attempts to rule the “movement” to “Free Mumia” with an iron fist and uses intimidation and bullying tactics in order to get her way. She exerts as much control over the finances of the movement as she possibly can. This nearly absolute control over the “organizing” aspects of fund-raising could be one reason why International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia (ICFFMAJ)is constantly crying broke.

Pam apparently does not distinguish the distinction between MOVE and ICFFMAJ and one can bet that many an activist who thought they were donating their hard earned money to Mumia instead had it diverted to Philadelphia’s least favorite cult.

To be sure, chief Jamal advocate, cheerleader, and fund-raiser Pam Africa, not only endorses the MOVE practice of child-rape, but she has quite willingly given over her two young daughters to serve as examples. One of her daughters gave birth at 12, the other was not much older when she was initiated into the group’s deviant sexual practices. This act of child rape is not anything that MOVE denies. In fact they are quite proud that they can force barely pubescent girls to become baby-making machines for their cult.

While MOVE practices overt child abuse, the group also holds reactionary views that should astonish and repulse anyone remotely concerned with basic human rights, not to speak of progressive politics.

For MOVE, homosexuality is a disturbing and immoral violation of God’s Law.

Reproductive rights are viewed by MOVE as a symbol of societies degradation and devaluation of life.

Education for MOVE exists only if it coincides with the rambling lunacy of JOHN AFRICA’s so-called "wisdom." The children of MOVE are taught to see the world as a terrifying place with police assassins hiding around every corner. In MOVE, your children are not your own, they are the property of MOVE. And if anyone has any doubts as to the veracity of this last sentence I would urge you to look no further than the terrible saga of John Gilbride for proof.

That is who “Pam Africa” is, and that is what she represents. Does she deserve for you to cut her a check as the advertisements for her little party ask you to? Or is it past time to put this retrograde, foulmouthed, wannabe tyrant, in her place, in the gutter of loneliness where she can sputter her insane rhetoric to an audience of no one?


At 4:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "BRING YOUR CHECKBOOKS!" comment is hilarious. I feel sorry for the poor broke guy that comes to this event without any money. Who knows what will happen to him?

At 4:22 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life in MOVE by Mario Africa

What will happen is MOVE will get their hands on him and hold a meeting that last for hours and hours until the guy is dizzy from the mind control. MOVE, ruthless until the guy happily hands over his entire savings, and life to a cult that are nothing but killers and bullies. If MOVE gets real lucky and the poor guy is mentally challenge. They'll persuade him to commit murder. He'll happily oblige because after all it's all part of "the cause".

So if you want to become a conspirator to murder and live a life of fear. For you know MOVE are killers and anyday you could be their next casuality. Another person added to the list of people that were "taken care of" and MOVE always stands by their creed the "truth is final"

"Life in MOVE" by Big MOON

At 2:46 PM , Blogger JustFacts said...

Mr. Allen
What exactly did MOVE do to both you and your wife that makes you speak so poorly of them?

At 10:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should have your ass beat for posting this racist filth, you savage dog. How dare you berate the memory of what happened in Philly, you faggot. Come to Harlem or any random Black area in Philly or NY talking reckless like you do behind that keyboard and I promise you won't leave on your feet.


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