Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An Update On the Campaign to "Free Mumia" And What You Can Do To Stop It

On October 23, 2006, the Fourth-Step Reply Brief of appeal and Cross-Appellant, Mumia Abu-Jamal was submitted to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Philadelphia.

I have read through the 89 pages of the brief and aside from it being a cure for insomnia, and a mostly absurd bit of legal gymnastics, it is still worth a read if you are interested in Jamal's case.

I had actually expected better from Jamal's current attorney, Robert Bryan, who is a quite competent attorney and is clearly dedicated to his clients release from prison. But that said, he is trying to create something from almost nothing, and that is a difficult feat for any attorney, no matter their dedication or legal prowess.

To read Jamal's latest attempt at judicial relief go to http://www.freemumia.com/pdfs/2006OC~5.PDF

One can expect oral arguments in the coming months and we can also probably expect Jamal's appeals to be denied sometime in the next decade or so.

On another note, recently, the Mumia crowd has been petitioning the periodical "The Crisis", which is the journalistic organ of the NAACP to run stories on Mumia or articles authored by him.

"The Crisis" apparently covered the final days of multiple murderer, and Mumia worshiper, Stanley "Tookie" Williams. We all know how well that turned out. Mr. Williams is currently room temperature and the "Governator" who signed "Tookies" death warrant is about ready to be re-elected by a solid majority. Good luck there with that one, ole defenders of the Jamal faith

By all means, let the good folks down at "The Crisis" know that providing a soapbox to a cop-killing, cult apologist might not be the best move to make. They can be reached at thecrisiseditorial@naacpnet.org

And now onto to more fun things. Pam Africa will be turning 60 here soon. But don't expect a birthday party here in Philadelphia. I guess she and her MOVE compatriots have burned all of their neighborhoods and bridges and have nowhere else to go in Philly, so off to the the "Big Apple" they go

Instead the party will be held at a Church in NYC on November 18th. Yes, I said it, a Church. Not the Church of Satan or anything like that, a real live church. How about that for irony. Scam Africa and her increasingly small band of fools will be celebrating her years of scheming and lying at the Salem United Methodist Church on 129th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd in Harlem, New York from 5pm-9pm. And don't forget your checkbook. It still seems that the chronically un-employed Mrs. Africa has gotten all she has to get from welfare and the French, and is now in need of your hard earned cash.

Maybe Bloomberg's goons can show up and cite the Pam Africa fan club for some kind of smell violation. Quality of life laws indeed.

After a lot of bad noise I was able to get a phone number for the church. It is 212.678.2700. Call them again and again, as they like that kind of thing. Their email address is salemumcnyc@hotmail.com. Email them often and frequently, again that is the sort of thing they are in to.

I think that people of conscience would be remiss not to call this church and inquire as to why a "House of the Lord" is now serving as a house of celebration for a woman who champions the murder of police officers, is a member of a cult that practices child rape, (in fact two of Pam's daughters are victims of this unholy abomination), a group that has been linked to numerous deaths over the years...and well you know the rest.

If you need more info than by all means let me know.



At 6:55 AM , Blogger Bobby M said...

He's Innocent. FREE MUMIA!!!

At 7:22 AM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Well thats it then...You got me convinced. You know after 10 years of supporting Mumia nobody ever said that to me before. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
I will be out with my "Free Mumia" banners tommorow.

At 7:07 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on Bobby...you can do better than that....like.proof

Jon Pisano

At 8:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't post proof if you don't have proof. The typical Mumia nonsense

At 5:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yah..but I would like to read his response...like " the power of truth is final" to be included in his factual response

Jon Pisano


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