Monday, October 23, 2006

There Will Be No Shelter

(I must give props where they are due. The Anti-Move blog has a new friend and editor. Now, maybe my commas will be where they belong and my run on sentences will not run on so long. Many thanks.)

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.
(484 BC - 406 BC)

If MOVE members and supporters have had to learn one lesson over the past two years, it is that they will no longer be able to just produce lie after lie after lie and, expect people to simply accept it as truth.

That much is self-evident.

It is also becoming more clear that the group is in a very real state of decline.
Look at their website for instance. Ramona Africa, begging and pleading for "speaking engagements," in order for her to cash in on her professional martyr status. Apparently, MOVE is having some difficulty in the fund-raising department.

What a pity.

It has also been a month since the Philadelphia Inquirer article came out, in which, MOVE members/supporters are not so subtly linked to the murder of John Gilbride. There is still no "official" response from MOVE. Am I the only one who finds this deeply suspicious? I cannot conceptualize of anyone, in or around MOVE, being so sunk into the cult's despotism, that they are completely blind, deaf and dumb to what everyone around them seems to already either know or suspect. On the contrary, I think there are many in MOVE's midst whose minds are racing, and that a question is starting to resonate with more and more fervor.

"What am I doing here?"

Now I see that the website promoting the pro-MOVE documentary at has gone blank.

Mario Africa, one of the group's more intelligent and charismatic members, has quite clearly abandoned John Africa's revolution, and has gone off to New York to do whatever it is that he does. Interestingly enough for me, is the fact that although he is no longer with MOVE, he seems quite ready to cash in on his former attachment to the group. Too bad he does not posses the spine to say anything remotely truthful about the group to which he was attached for so many years. This is not altogether surprising.

The more deeply dedicated one is to an authoritarian entity, the more difficult it becomes to extricate oneself from the predicament. At some point, if you go deep enough, you will have found that you have surrendered your soul in exchange for a false sense of security, plagiarized emotions, and a foundation in which all things are given context. Solipsism sets in, and your world shrinks.

If, and when, someone makes their way out of this darkness, they will find a whole new set of problems, some of them clear, many of them not. No path in life is easy, but there is a greater sense of contentment knowing without a doubt that your destiny is not being totally manipulated and subordinated, by those whose interests rarely, if ever, coincide with yours.

I am sure Mario is having a hard time making his way. However, by continuing to pretend that MOVE is something that it is not, and by keeping silent about the death of John Gilbride, he only furthers the cult's agenda, and subsequently, the enslavement of his own children.

I am in no position to let him off the hook. Nor should I, but neither should anyone else.

He, and his former/current/ whatever they are, friends in MOVE, will not be able to escape the consequences of their actions. The truth is making it's way out, and whether it is through my websites, or people figuring it out on their own, the facts are what they are, and none of MOVE's equivocations can alter reality.

There will be no shelter for the murderers of John Gilbride, nor will there be for those who give them a place to hide and peddle their lies.


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