Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some Rememberances Of Officer James Ramp

It was on this day in August of 1978 that MOVE members shot down James Ramp and wounded a dozen other police officers and firefighters. Here are some messages of rememberances for him.


We continue on in your memory. Rest in peace, Sir. Semper Fi.

Al Whitney
Yuma County Sheriff's Office, Arizona


I met James Ramp As a 7 year old boy. I was in the Young Marines, an organization that Mr. Ramp heavily participated in along with other fine officers and ex marines like Carmen Marzano of the Phila Bomb Squad, whose son I was good friends with.

I remember feeling the sorrow of that day, along with being in awe of his bravery and selflessness.

At 17 I joined the Corps, and even told Mr. Ramp's story to other members of my platoon at Parris Island when exchanging stories about hereoes.

My father, Jerry Watkins, was a friend of Mr. Ramp's as well. I still think of him to this day, at 40 years old. The world needs more Marines and more Offices like Mr. Ramp.

Semper Fi, Devil Dog

Kevin Watkins



I played on the ballfied named in your honor when I was a child.
I work on your streets in honor of you today. You are a hero. May God comfort and protect your family.

Philadelphia PD


Officer Ramp , you are not forgotten and will never be forgotten. You remain in our prayers and thoughts. God Bless you as you sleep in God's love and His Arms. Thank you for all your hard work dedication and sacrifice in protecting the citizens of Phila. You are a Hero.
Kathi Halligan Phila PA wife and mom of LEO



Let us not forget that MOVE did not start on May 13,1985 but August of 1978 at 33rd & Pearl. While we are continually reminded by MOVE about the "murder" of their followers, I fear the memory of this great man is quickly forgotten. James Ramp is a symbol of what was at that time the Greatest Police Department in the World who held in their ranks fearless men of honor. Rest in Peace James.




I would like anyone who visits this web site to know the unselfish bravery of this man. As police attempted to remove violent "move members" they encountered a burst of gun fire from a automatic rifle. Several firemen and police were hit by gun fire, Jim Ramp immediately postioned himself over the wounded fully exposing himself to mortal gunfire. He was sruck in the neck and fell back onto the sidewalk next to the telephone pole and died immediately. I witnessed this great bravery and I witnessed this great man die. His action was the most unselfish act a human being can give.I have never forgotten and will never forget.

Sergeant Vincent Lowry


Officer Ramp,
On today, the 27th anniversary of your murder, I would like to thank you for your service and sacrifice, not just as a Philadelphia Police Officer but as a U.S. Marine in WWII and Korea as well.

Semper Fi Devil Dog
A former Marine;fellow LEO



May you rest in peace. A hero such as yourself will always be remembered.

Detective Chris McMullin
Bensalem Police Dept.


God bless you for your service to our country and your community. You are a true hero to us all.

St. Louis City Police



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