Friday, August 04, 2006

MOVE Demo On Saturday

For some reason the following advertisment for the MOVE demonstration did not show up on there website nor the Mumia websites. Perhaps they are trying to keep their activities more of a secret after being confronted by angry crowds during recent demonstrations. Still, I do believe this info to be accurate and that there will be a demo.

This Saturday they will be demonstrating for the release of the eight remaining members of the "MOVE 9", who were convicted of, among other things, the murder of Police Officer James Ramp in 1978. The MOVE members are serving 30-100 year sentences and are elligible for in 2008. I would encourage everyone to drop by and let MOVE know how you feel.


This August 8th marks 28 years since the MOVE 9's illegal imprisonment. Join us in Philly on August 5th at noon on Market Street in between 5th andd 6th st. to demonstrate for their release.

As well as demonstrating on behalf of our family, The MOVE 9, we will also march around to the federal prison at 7th and Arch Sts. to join a demonstration on behalf of Antonio Negron, a Puerto Rican Independista---Ona Move, Ramona Africa


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