Thursday, August 10, 2006

MOVE and Mario: No Sympathy For The Devil

Call him “Big Moon”. Kevin Hardy, Mario Hardy, just don’t call him Mario Africa.

It seems that little Mario has grown up and become a big boy and has decided to leave the “MOVE house” that he has lived in for the last couple of decades.

Good for him I guess. But one could also assume that he has also left his MOVE wife and children. Not the first time he has abandoned a family, but it is sad to think that his two beautiful kids will be left to be raised by MOVE and indoctrinated into the sects warped and abusive system.

And I suspect that his little message on the Philly IMC has little to do with what the general readers of the site think and much more to do with what the leadership of MOVE thinks.

Mario is a nervous man, and should be given that he was up to his neck in the vicious campaign waged against John Gilbride and his family and threatened Gilbride’s life just days before he was found murdered. The latter incident was reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And now, as he has apparently slithered away from MOVE in at least some respects, he has even more to fear. For if MOVE’s leaders were to presume that their old devotee Mario bore them any ill will, that they would shit misery all over what remains of his little life. As it is, his children will be raised to view him with more than an eye of suspicion and contempt.

For fear is how MOVE operates, why it continues to exist, and why people are afraid to speak out against it. After all, Mario left the “house that John Africa built” for some reason, but don’t expect him to explain why with any degree of honesty any time soon.

It is worth noting, but not worth getting into, the rank hypocrisy of Mario’s missive. Some things are self-explanatory and he indicts himself pretty well on his own.

What Mario wrote that is worthy of a minute of time is his assertion “... that in the proverbial nutshell, you're either with MOVE, or you're with the police...

Well that about sums up MOVE right there I guess. Either you are for the rape of children, the murder of civil servants, the terrorizing of neighborhoods, freeing plainly guilty killers, and endorsing a mythology conjured up by a madman, or you ain’t.

And no, why would anyone expect Mario to engage in any kind of “debate”? People who hold untenable and unreasonable positions usually are fearful of anything that might call into question their grasp on reality. This is especially true of those who adhere to authoritarian principles or who lack a degree of moral clarity. It is also a position often held by frauds who mouth the lies of those that they fear in hopes of self-preservation. As always with MOVE, fear is the abiding factor.

MOVE and Mario have sought to squash discussions of MOVE whenever and wherever possible, including taking the step of pleading with the Philly IMC to ban me from posting. Thankfully, the IMC has principles against this kind of naked censorship and MOVE was refused, but the cult’s attempts to stifle their critics should not go without being mentioned. The above only being a minor example of their antipathy towards free expression or thought.

Mario’s hypocritical and thinly veiled hysterics illustrate well the cracks within MOVE, and moreover, put on display, the kind of pathological state of being of those who remain, either by true allegiance, or fear, in groups like MOVE.

In a way it is pathetic, almost pitiful. But I cannot offer any sympathy for the likes of Mario and what he has allowed himself to be reduced to. This hollow, simpering, coward, a shell of a man, a soul rotted by lies.

He knows what was done to John Gilbride, and who did it, and he knows what kind of torture the Gilbride family has endured after John’s death at the hands of MOVE. So there will be no sympathy for the devil.

For he knows what MOVE is, and what MOVE has done, and yet for the public at least, he offers a romanticized and fallacious view of the sect that nobody, at this point, could possibly believe.

And he does this for purely selfish reasons, of that, one can be sure.

So you go ahead Mario. Keep up the facade. Keep up pretending. Keep on groveling at the alter of hatred and fear that is MOVE.

But remember, there are those of us out there who know the truth about MOVE and we aren’t being quite any longer. And unlike you, we are no longer afraid.


At 10:31 AM , Blogger Nikon said...

Tony, it doesn't seem like that long ago when you banned me from the message board on MOVE's site.

At 6:38 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Ah man, brutal. That must have been at least four years ago! I guess the "just following orders" thing doesn't cut it huh?

At 2:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's all give Mario that murderer and racist a big L for LOSER. U look like a fool rolling with Alberta and MOVE. Where's your brain? Too much crack? I guess you must really like snow because you are certainly being snowed by your sisters Bert, Ria , and Mona. Keep selling your kids out to an organization that will have little girls knocked up at age 11 to grown men with no skills and limited vocabulary.

At 7:50 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

That last comment was pretty damn on point. As usual there is someone out there who can spell things out for me better than I can.


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