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MOVE Raises the Dead to Attack the Media

(Pic Of Officer Daniel Faulkner)

As if MOVE has not embarrassed itself enough in the past couple of weeks with it’s semi-literate rants and failed protests, they now resolve to pour salt in their own wounds by again attacking Stu Bykofsky.

With all due respect to Stu, he is not exactly on the par of say Woodward and Bernstein. He is a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, which means his opinions are his product. Still, he is a respected member of the journalistic community in Philadelphia and certainly does not need me to come to his aid when he is being slandered and defamed by MOVE.

I am writing this out of my own personal disgust and disdain with MOVE’s continued and ongoing war upon the truth, common sense, and the memory of an innocent police officer.

To read MOVE’s entire “response” to Bykofsky, by all means visit the Mumia website, which MOVE uses as a means to propagate it’s cheap invective. I won’t quote the whole MOVE article verbatim here, but will mention that it is signed by a “Nick Africa”. An interesting fact considering that “Nick Africa” was the nickname of Frank Africa, the nephew of John Africa who died on May 13th 1985. MOVE is simply at it’s old tricks of using names of deceased MOVE members in order to confuse people as the amount of members the group has. A macabre tactic indeed, but when has MOVE shown any respect for the dead (or the living for that matter).

In order to sift through MOVE’s collage of excrement I will offer a section of their statement in bold followed by my italicized response.

“ In his original column, Bykofsky said that "Mumia is a convicted criminal". In our response we asked how does he know Mumia is a criminal, just because he was convicted?

Usually being convicted of a crime is a good start insofar as identifying someone as a criminal.

"Being convicted of crime does not necessarily make a person a criminal, and the proof of this is in all those people who have been released from prison because they were found innocent after having spent years in prison because they had been convicted of crime and found guilty, labeled criminal."

The key point here being that “all those people who have been released from prison because they were found innocent” is that they were found to be innocent. And even those amount to a very small percentage of the overall prison population. Mumia has had at his disposal some of the greatest defense attorneys and arguably the most successful public relations effort of all time dedicated to securing his release. Yet he remains in jail because that is where the facts demand that he belong.

"This happens too many times to be ignored, so how can Stu Bykofsky, a journalist, ignor it and just arbitrarily, and conveniently perpetuate this witch hunt against Mumia Abu Jamal, and try to rope the public into this conspiracy as well. He does this because he's a conniving government sympathizer--right or wrong, while disguising himself as a voice for and of the people."

There is no witch hunt being perpetrated against Jamal. There is an effort to combat the misinformation as offered by his misguided and often cynical supporters. I don’t know Mr. Bykfofsky, but I do know MOVE members and supporters and if any group of people fit into the category of hack it is the latter. Perhaps what motivates Mr. Bykofsky is a sense of moral outrage at justice denied.

Bykofsky is not God, he is not omnipotent, he does not know all, and he does not know Mumia Abu Jamal is guilty of anything, let alone murder.

But he does know that Mumia was found guilty by a jury that Jamal helped to empanel. He does know that the multitude of appeals offered by various defense teams has left Jamal’s conviction intact. I am sure he has reviewed the evidence and trial transcripts, documents which do nothing but show Jamal to be the killer that so many know him to be.

"Stu Bykofsky is a confused, pompous, judgmental, arrogant, full of hate racist, and he is a liar. He deliberately omitted any portion of our response that would throw into question this government's trying to kill Mumia, despite all of the overwhelming evidence of Mumia's innocence."

Never mind the ad hominem attack. I am sure that Mr. Bykofsky has thick enough skin to not be bothered by MOVE’s vicious and pointless insults. Did Stu edit his own column? I am sure he did. This complaint comes from MOVE however. The same group that threatens the lives of it’s critics and has shut down whole message boards in order to keep people from criticizing the cult. This complaint on the part of MOVE is rank hypocrisy at it’s lowest.

He's also trying to hide, cover-up the fact that this government's persistence in trying to kill Mumia, when his innocence is not just a question but an overwhelming probability, is an attack on JOHN AFRICA. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA!!

John Africa is dead so I guess there is no long living for him and I guess it is also similarly difficult to attack him, but leave it to MOVE to write and say stupid things.

Truthfully, if the government was so dead set upon killing Mumia they would have found a far more compelling way to do it. After all, since the death penalty was reinstated in the 1970's only three people have been executed.

Here again MOVE gets its own propaganda mixed up. In past statements MOVE has repeated without pause that Jamal is 100% innocent. Now in this latest missive it is stated that his innocence is a “overwhelming probability”. Which is it? Can MOVE not even get it’s own bullshit straight?

Bykofsky is misusing his position as a journalist to deliberately trick the public into supporting the legal lynching of Mumia, an innocent Black man, by this White racist government. All in keeping with the new world order, a back-to-basics America in the spirit of 17, 18, & 19th centuary legalized sl avery of the Black man, and all men of color. Bykofsky is also pushing for Mumia to be excuted because, just like this government, Bykofsky would like to destroy JOHN AFRICA too. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA!! FOREVER!!>

Note to MOVE. The whole “white racist” government bit is getting a little bit played out. Is Philadelphia not a city with a black mayor, dozens of black government officials, a black police commissioner, a number of black city council persons and black senators?

America’s “original sin” of slavery is well noted, but it should also be noted that in the “17, 18, 19th centuries there was tremendous agitation to end chattel slavery and improve the plight of African-Americans. The 19th century ended with the emancipation proclamation, a constitutional amendment ending slavery in this country forever, and saw a war that was fought at least partially to free the southern slaves that cost millions of lives.

How any of MOVE’s revisionist and ignorant views of history translate into an attack on Bykofsky’s view on Jamal escapes me as I am sure it does anyone else who has some kind of grip on reality.

After all, this is the same bunch that compared the geonicide of some 6 million jews with the continued incarceration of a convicted and obvious cop-killer.



At 11:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

MOVE claims racism, that’s a joke! The real racist is the leader of MOVE, Alberta Gilbride. A leader who is black who chose to live in an upper middle class white neighborhood in Cherry Hill, NJ. Married two white guys and has a white child via IVF. (Why didn't she choose a black child?) She exploits her own race while dictating orders from her upper class white neighborhood with her new white husband. Does she believe she’s too good for her own race? How can she be the leader everybody is supposed to worship? Where in her lifestyle is she committed to MOVE’s beliefs? She hasn't been a committed MOVE member since the day she married her first white husband.


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