Wednesday, July 26, 2006

MOVE and Race Part 2

"If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities"--S.R. Krishnan

I am guessing that most of the people who are familiar with MOVE are quietly puzzled as to how what started out as a mostly black Organization with philosophical strains of the 1960's “black power” embedded into it’s core has attracted so many in the white community into it’s midst.

What is it that would drive youngish whites to abandon their establishment values and concerns in order to arduously pursue a course of radicalism that they fail to completely understand and is seemingly fraught with danger?

The answer, I believe, has more to do with the elements of authoritarian structures than racial ones, but nevertheless the issue of race stands out as the first and most obvious indication that something has gone terribly awry, somewhere, in somebody’s quest for the American dream.

What usually begins as an expression of teen angst, limited political or historical awareness, infused with white guilt, can in the case of MOVE, lead to a life-long relationship with a cult that will pillage potential and rot the soul. A quest for certainty that will be found, but only in the most damaging of ways, dei sacrifucium intellectus.

It kind of goes without saying that no one, black or white, joins MOVE because things are going well in there lives. And whatever noble efforts or philosophical insights one may have before signing away ones life to the cult, will find that such gestures of genuine good will will fade away slowly from one’s life only to emerge later on as psychodrama, plagiarized emotions, and adherence to a stupid mythology.

The goal of MOVE’s leadership is the mental crippling of those in their charge without regard to race. An army of un-questioning troglodytes willing to do whatever they are told without moral pause. The searing reality of MOVE’s limited success in this regard can be traced directly to it’s pointless confrontations with authorities, the lack of regard for their children, and the trail of blood and death that emenates from MOVE’s wake.

So while race is a factor, the overarching issue is one of manipulation. There is no one who is essentially wired improperly and pre-ordained to enter into a cultish situation.

A prominent psychiatrist who has laboriously studied the issue makes the observation that: "no single personality profile characterizes those who join cults. Many well-adjusted, high-achieving persons from intact families have been successfully recruited by cults. So have individuals with varying degrees of psychological impairment."

I think that I can say without hesitation that nobody who “joined up” with MOVE would expect that they would be considering John Africa a God and his word sacrament, or that clouds are not water particles, but were instead natural manifestation of pollution. Does the vegan, radical environmentalist who falls under MOVE’s influence even consider that in a few years he/she will be eating raw eggs, plenty of meat, and participating in what amounts to the neglect of animals?

I am guessing not, but that is what happens, the question is, how does this occur?

If we reject the notion that only psychologically defective individuals succumb to mind control, we must use a new model to explain what happens when ordinary people follow the what the rest of society would consider a filthy rabble straight down the path to hell

Leaders of MOVE, like other authoritarian sects employ age old thought reform methodology that evolved from, incidentally enough, centuries-old Arabic mind control systems that we see most evidently in the terrorists that we are currently at war with. As scary as this is, what is even equally terrifying is that cults members who are “true believers” will carry out altruistic killings if these deaths are seen as a means to advance the causes of the group. I see the murder of John Gilbride as an example of this kind of savage devotion with regards to MOVE.

Another trend of totalitarian entities is the shifting of devotion from the original tenets of the group to the established leaders. This manifestation is particular relevant to MOVE being that the “bible” of the group is under lock and key and doled out sparingly, making the leaders of the group the unquestionable arbiters of truth within the group. These leaders are held above reproach and see themselves as being above and beyond their respective supporters and younger MOVE members who dare not question what they are told.

Whites in MOVE have something more to prove than do their black comrades. For as the direct benefactors of the “system” they are eyed with more suspicion. Their ignorance and white guilt is cynically exploited to the point that MOVE ends up with Caucasian zombies who must constantly and consistently prove there loyalty. Education is tossed out, language is altered, any sense of self-concern must be wiped away in order for their to be acceptance and acceptance is the key.

MOVE is a group of rebels. Rebels just dying to fit in.


At 10:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for someone to address this as many White supporters...too eagered, too zealous..
Do you think this purposefully done? Meaning having a lot of white supporters?


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