Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Latest Mumia Outrage

It is one thing to continue to see Jamal’s writings slopped up on the pages of various Marxist and extreme “leftists” periodicals. That is a disgrace that won’t be remedied anytime soon.

But it is quite another issue to see that Jamal’s rotten words are polluting what would otherwise be considered “mainstream” publications.

Now, having spent a good time in the muck and mire that composes the alternate reality that MOVE/Mumia supporters inhabit, I have to confess that it takes a lot to shock me. Until today I thought I had just about seen and heard it all.

I guess I hadn’t.

Today I learned that Jamal contributed to a new book entitled, and I am not making this up, "Forgivness and Child Abuse".

Don't believe me? Go to the authors website

She is so proud of the fact that Mumia is in her book that she lists him first amongst the 50 or so contributors.

If Jamal was one of those rare wonders of the penal system who admitted and took responsibility for what he had done, one might be able to excuse his inclusion in a book with “Forgivness” in it’s title. But this is not the case.

Instead Jamal has helped to orchestrate a campaign of disinformation that spans the globe while simultaneously, through tools like Pam Africa, defaming anyone who dare cast doubt upon the principle of “absolute innocence” that is the foundation of the “Free Mumia” cult.

Just look at what has been done to Maureen Faulkner over the years. She has been spit upon, literally, by Jamal’s goons. She has endured vicious ad-hominem attacks as well as vulgar attacks upon the character of her dead husband. And now she has her husband’s killer enshrined in yet another book, this one ostensibly titled dedicated to the issues of “Forgivness and Child Abuse”.

But it is not just that Jamal is an unrepentant killer that makes ones blood boil (after all he did take twenty years to get around to saying that he did not kill Faulkner). It is also the fact that Jamal is the biggest defender of, and chief proponent for, MOVE.

MOVE, the organization of child-rape, the organization of children as human shields, the organization of enforced ignorance and illiteracy. MOVE, the indefensible.

What the author of this book is doing is not just allowing Jamal a platform. She is giving Jamal a forum to generate sympathy for his cause and through that, engender support for MOVE. For it is no secret that nearly every close supporter/member of the cult has come to the group via their initial support for Jamal.

So in effect, by including Jamal in her screed, the author, Lois Einhorn, has squandered whatever significance her book may have otherwise had. By including Jamal she is helping to perpetuate MOVE’s well documented history of abuse of children and that is in-excusable and since we are on the subject, quite un-forgivable.

And I think everyone who reads this blog needs to let Mrs. Einhorn know what they think of her book and her choice to put Mumia in it.

I am taking this one personally as the abuse of the children of MOVE has been a chief concern of mine since even before leaving the group and for more information on the plight of these children you can visit my other website as well as multiple posts on this blog pertaining to the issue.

I would encourage anyone who reads this to drop Mrs. Einhorn an email to let her know just exactly how utterly despicable it is for her to include Jamal in her book. Her address is

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Let Us Give A Warm Welcome to The Woman Who Is In Charge of the Mumia Charade In France

(Julia Wright is pictured to the immediate right of Pam Africa)

A little birdy has let me in on the fact that Julia Wright, the head of International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia in France will be in Philly this Monday, June 26.

Her itinerary is as follows:

-At 10 am she will be on the “Cody Anderson Show" at WURD 900 AM. The stations phone number is 215.763.4833.

-At 11:30 am she will be at Mayor Street’s Office, on the 3rd floor of City

-At 6 pm, Wright will join Sonia Sanchez, Pam Africa, and convicted felon, Fred Hampton Jr. at the American Friends Service Center's Rufus Jones Room for a reception. At 7pm there will be a strategy “session”.

Let us give this foul creature the kind of response that she so desperately needs.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Abu-Jamal Resolution Splits PA. Senate on Racial Lines

Abu-Jumal resolution splits Pa. Senate on racial lines

(Photo Of Maureen Faulkner)

By Amy Worden


HARRISBURG - Nearly 25 years after the slaying of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner, the racial divide over his killer's conviction was reflected today in a vote on a state Senate resolution.

The Senate overwhelmingly passed the measure condemning the French city of St.-Denis for naming a street in honor of Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was sentenced to death in 1982 for shooting Faulkner during a traffic stop.

But the resolution prompted rare debate and ended in a 44-4 vote split along racial lines. The only "no" votes came from African-American senators, all from Philadelphia.

Sen. Vincent Hughes (D., Phila.) said he could not support the resolution because he did not believe that Abu-Jamal received a fair trial.

During the last two decades, Abu-Jamal, 53, a former Philadelphia journalist and activist, has become a symbol for death penalty opponents around the world.

The city of St.-Denis, a multi-ethnic suburb of Paris, dedicated a street in his honor in April.

The resolution's sponsor, President Pro Tempore Robert C. Jubelirer (R., Blair) called the street naming "the most offensive thing he had ever seen" and said it was an "affront to the system of justice."

A similar resolution introduced by House Speaker John M. Perzel (R., Phila.) passed unanimously on Monday with no debate.

Rep. Harold James (D., Phila.), a retired police officer, voted for the resolution, but agrees with Hughes that Abu-Jamal did not get a fair trial.

James said he didn't raise any opposition because he believed the resolution was meaningless.

"I just didn't think that Pennsylvania trying to tell France what to do was going to go anywhere," he said.

Both resolutions ask the French government to "take appropriate action" if the the city fails to act.

Faulkner's widow, Maureen, has urged a tourist boycott of Paris and U.S. Reps. Michael G. Fitzpatrick (R., Pa.) and Allyson Y. Schwartz (D., Pa.) have sponsored a congressional resolution demanding the name be changed.

Last year, a federal appeals court agreed to consider Abu-Jamal's appeal of his conviction on ground that the jury selection was racially biased.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The "Political Prisoner" Demonstration That Isn't

On July 1st MOVE and it’s front group International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal will be hosting a demonstration allegedly on behalf of political prisoners...I guess poor attendance at the latest “Free Mumia” and “Free the MOVE 9" has led to the strategists down at MOVE headquarters deciding that having an all inclusive demo will increase the numbers of people who come to their increasingly impotent scream-fests..

Pathetic. And completely hypocritical.

Pam Africa, the leader of ICCFMAJ and one of MOVE’s leaders condemns the death penalty in the United States, but defends its use in Cuba. She decries this country for allegedly holding “political prisoners”, but is mute about the political prisoners her friend and dictator Fidel Castro has crammed in his prisons.

And by political prisoners she means her comrades in MOVE and Mumia who are in jail for killing people.

A few years ago Pam traveled to Cuba embraced the communist despot and even appeared on it’s nationally run TV station to denounce the United States and acted as the tool that she is for the dictator’s propaganda machinery.

Just last year the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (which unlike ICFFMAJ is a real human rights group) issued a list of 306 prisoners who it said were incarcerated for political reasons. This list included the names of thirteen peaceful dissidents who had been arrested and detained in the first half of 2005, of whom eleven were being held on charges of, get this, “dangerousness.”

Where is George Orwell when you need him?

According to the same report, out of seventy-five political dissidents, independent journalists, and human rights advocates that were tried in 2003, as of 2005, sixty-one remain imprisoned. The sentences served for the crime of thought in Cuba average nearly two decades

Don’t expect Pam or any of her minions to even now about the horrendous human rights record of the Cuban government.

Don’t expect them to know that true political prisoner, and dissident, Aung San Suu Kyi just turned 61. The activist and Nobel peace prize laureate has spent 10 of the past 17 years behind barbed wire and isolated from the outside world, under “house arrest”. Her crime was speaking out against the ethnic violence and for democracy in Burma.

To consider Mumia and the “MOVE 9" to be “political prisoners” is disgraceful and only serves to diminish the fight to free the thousands of true political prisoners held in dungeons throughout the world.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Marxist Blowhards For Mumia

All great historical facts and personages occur, as it were, twice ... the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.
-Karl Marx

(Scene of the crime. Notice the blood of Officer Faulkner on the sidewalk)

Howard Keylor, a hardline communist being his only credential “wrote”, recently, an article posted at that criticized a bill introduced by Pennsylvania lawmakers that would condemn the French city of St. Denis for it’s naming a street after Jamal.

The problem is of course, that Keylor in true Stalinoid form cannot separate fact from fiction.

He claims for example that:

“Mumia's brother did NOT travel "the wrong way down a one-way street." They lifted that out of the description of the events on the cop's website, but had those folks read their Bible, the trial protocols, they would know that Cook came on LOCUST from the direction Juniper/Broad Street

First of all, there is no such thing as a “trial protocol”, at least in the context Keylor is attempting to use the term in. There are, however, trial transcripts and Keylor would do good to read them.

According to everything I have seen, William Cook was traveling the wrong way down a one way street. He was heading down Locust and towards 12th street where he was pulled over.

But even if Keylor is correct in his assertion, the facts in regards to Jamal shooting Officer Faulkner do not change. And if anything is particularly relevant as far as William Cook is concerned it is the fact that when he was given the chance to exonerate his brother at the scene of the crime he chose not to do so.

Keylor is correct in one of his arguments. It is true that no one has ever argued that Mumia struck Faulkner in the back four times. But in the realm of fact versus fiction the glass house that Mumia’s supporters have built has long since been shattered. For if anyone should be condemned for egregious and purposeful misinformation it is the movement to “Free Mumia”.

Here again, we have Keylor resorting to the age old tactic of making shit up in the face of facts that do not conform to his convoluted sense of reality. Again, Keylor:

In actual fact, the prosecution claims that Mumia shot three to four times at Faulkner's FACE while the latter was lying prone on the sidewalk, shots the traces of which were never found in the sidewalk besides Faulkner's head, for the simple reason that they were never fired and the central part of the prosecution's case is a lie.”

Thankfully, we have witnesses to the crime who can refute Keylor’s politically inspired, yet crude attempts at propaganda.

According to Michael Scanlan, who was a mere sixty feet away from the scene of the crime, the following chain of events occurred

"Then the guy running across the street pulled out a pistol and started shooting at the Officer. He fired while he was running at the officer once, and the officer fell down. Then he stood over the officer and fired three or four more shots point blank at the officer on the ground." (12/9/81, 4:24 AM) Michael Scanlan affirmed this testimony under oath while on the stand at trial. He was asked whether or not Jamal’s gunfire hit the officer and responded affirmatively, "Yes sir. I could see that one hit the officer in the face. Because his body jerked, his whole body jerked. (N.T. 6/25/82, 8.8).

Since Keylor is so utterly convinced that it was not Mumia who blew Faulkner’s brains all over the sidewalk, than perhaps he could explain who did. And while he is at he should also explain why every round in Jamal’s gun had been fired. And finally, how is it that Keylor can so smugley dismiss the five witnesses that saw Jamal firing his weapon.

And here we have Keylor again, this time taking vulgar cynicism to a new and disturbing level

“Third, no one, not even the prosecution, claimed Mumia was found with his gun in his hand.”

The above statement is true in a half ass and obvious attempt at obfuscating the truth kind of way.

No, Jamal was not found with the gun in his hand. He was found reaching towards his gun that had fallen to the ground a few feet from him after he stumbled away from where he had shot Faulkner and had himself been shot in the exchange of gunfire. He was also wearing a shoulder holster for his pistol. And I say again, multiple witnesses saw Jamal shoot his weapon and witnesses saw Jamal running across the street gun in hand just prior to Faulkner being shot and killed.

And here Keylor goes again...

"In sum, this bipartisan resolution is a national disgrace (and were it not for the danger to Mumia's life, I'd say a laughing stock) and piece of trash, and the Philadelphia electorate should do their best to tell the representatives who submitted it where it belongs, namely on the trash heap."

The only thing remotely funny about this is the fact that aging Marxists are still trying to dry hump the Jamal mythology machine for their own personal gain. And I would be remiss if I didn't add that the only thing that belongs on the trash heap are the stupid and impotent communist rags that Keylor and his ilk squander their time writing and attempting to sell on street corners.S

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Press Release: Ramona Africa's Admission Of Child Abuse Within MOVE

Press Release: Ramona Africa’s Admission Of MOVE’s Abuse of Children 6/15/06


The following is an excerpt from an email sent from MOVE Organization, Minister of Communications, Ramona Africa to a person whom she thought was a supporter of the cult

" Women in MOVE do marry and have babies at what this american society might now consider to be a young age but we follow the coordination of Mother Nature who coordinates it such that she determines when a woman is ready for marriage and babies, which is when a woman has her monthly period, then she is ready to have babies and be married. It's just that simple."

The recipient of the above email was not, however a supporter of MOVE, instead it was Tony Allen, the founder of the MOVE Watch website as well as the blog

Both sites are dedicated to exposing the crimes and misdeeds of the Organization to which Allen was, for a number of years affiliated with.

It has been the contention of MOVE Watch that the MOVE Organization abuses the children within the group.

This abuse comes in various forms. The children of MOVE are not educated and are largely illiterate. They are not allowed preventative healthcare and are subjected to the sect’s cruel and authoritarian indoctrination methods.

But what is most disturbing about MOVE’s treatment of children is how the group forces it’s young girls to be impregnated and "married" to older MOVE men while they are as young as 11 or 12 years old. These girls, who have just begun puberty, are ruled and controlled completely by the leaders of the cult who exercise absolute authority over their lives as well as the children that they will have.

Representatives from MOVE Watch have been in contact with the Philadelphia District
Attorneys Office concerning this matter, although it is unclear to this point, what, if anything has been done concerning the on-going abuse of the children of MOVE.
MOVE Watch is releasing this information to the press because it is our opinion that many in the media, while acutely aware of MOVE’s abuses of children in the past are largely unaware of the crimes being committed against children within the group presently. It is also our hope that by placing a spotlight upon these abuses that they will cease and that those responsible may be brought to justice.

The above excerpted email from Ramona Africa is the first time that we are aware of that MOVE’s practice of forcing the young girls within the sect into pregnancy and marriage at a very young age has been documented

For More Information about MOVE visit our site at as well as

We may be contacted at

Friday, June 09, 2006

Random Thoughts On Random Things

-Around a week ago I was enjoying a dinner with old friends when the topic of cults came up. I was asked directly as to “why do people join cults”? I must confess to being caught somewhat off guard as the conversation up to that point had been mostly caught up in the kind of casual frivolity that such discourse usually entails.

Here I was having given interviews with the media and written probably a few thousand words on the subject I was caught without an easy answer. I stumbled around rhetorically for a few moments before catching myself and offering what probably was a diversionary and cliched response, the kind that I am too embarrassed to even repeat here.

It was a reminder to me that I had traveled far, but have far to go in understanding who I am and how I got to where I am now. I think it healthy to be caught out there like that. Sometimes a little humiliation can go a long way...

-Religion. In a world that seems often times ambivalent or perhaps even worse indifferent to the issue, it is one that is constantly figuring prominently in my life. People I know and care about continue to be caught up in a kind of continuous ebb and flow of theological identity crisis. It is heartbreaking in a way, but not something that I cannot expect or deal with.

As for me, I have taken the personal position of anti-theism, which I think is a step further than even atheism, but that said, I find those who seek to purge religion from the world repugnant.

The King James Bible for example, stands out in my mind as literary genius. Take the Sermon on the Mount for example...

Without understanding the Bible in particular or Christianity in general, how can we conceptualize Plato or Shakespear, or appreciate the critiques of Russell or Nietzsche?

Without knowledge of Islam and it’s origins from animism we cannot understand how the violence that pains nearly every edge of the world has taken root and spread so prodigiously...

-MOVE is boring. Someone wrote somewhere that my continuing rhetorical assaults on MOVE were boring. I couldn’t agree more. I will take it a step further and say that it is also sickening. Going back again to the aforementioned Bible, I find this quote most applicable to the situation:

“Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”

Arguing against MOVE is one of the most frustrating-sickening-yet-occasionally-worthwhile things I think one can do. I think there not exists today a more self-evidently false ideology than that which is espoused by MOVE. Yet they still have their supporters. One of whom recently shared with me the thought that 11 or 12 year girls in MOVE being married off and impregnated is perfectly fine as long as these children agreed to it.

This is the level of discourse I am confronted with. A debate with the defenders of pedophiles.

Yet, I continue onward, if only to ensure that when someone types “MOVE Organization” into a search engine that it is not just MOVE’s mind rotting propaganda that is being presented. Further than that, I have been credited with assisting people’s choice to leave the group and with preventing others from coming close to it.

Which brings me to my next point. Someone who I consider a friend complimented me on what a good job I had done in helping to usher in MOVE’s demise. While my vanity would like to accept this, the reality is that MOVE’s demise was hardwired into it’s authoritarian and backwards origins. That the group would compromise itself and fall apart internally was never really a question. What I am doing is pointing out what is largely obvious to most, but still unknown to a large enough amount of people to continue to make it worthwhile and that is the fact of MOVE's true and vile nature. The question now is only how many more John Gilbride’s will there be before MOVE is cast upon the dustbin of short term history and how long will it be before the murderers of John and the masterminds of child-rape in MOVE be brought to justice?

Finally, I must do something that I don’t do nearly enough. And that is to thank the people who encourage me and enable me to continue to do this. Without your encouragement and consistent concern and ideas, I would find this task that much more of a lonely endeavor. Thank you all...

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