Friday, May 12, 2006

WCAU Coverage of May 13th 1985

I have been covering this “MOVE” thing for a long time and would like to think that I have a pretty hard skin when it comes to dealing with the issue. Last night I realized that may not be the case.

WCAU, the NBC news affiliate has put on it’s website large portions of the coverage of the catastrophe that occurred on Osage avenue. And while I have seen nearly all of the documentary coverage of events that day, the unfiltered coverage of the days events broke me down in a state of sorrow and tears

I am gripped by the pointless loss of life and the disregard for the lives of the children of MOVE from both sides is positively overwhelming. And to be frank and totally honest I do not want to write about this anymore today.

I would encourage everyone who even has a passive interest in the events that transpired on that fateful day to check out, in full the coverage as offered by WCAU...Please feel free to respond to me with your comments.


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