Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Fun With "Official MOVE" Statements

Now I am of the steadfast belief that MOVE’s statements have devolved to a new and even somewhat comical level over the past couple of years. Still though, I must confess that these sub-literate and completely impotent attempts at rhetoric do bring me a macabre sense of joy. If I ever were to question my choice about leaving MOVE, all I would have to do would be to pull up one of these convoluted and creepy screeds to affirm that I had done the right thing.

I also must confess that I really enjoy “fact checking” MOVE’s statements. A bizarre hobby to be sure, but one that I get a kick out of. So here goes...



May 13, 2006 marks twenty-one years since the official bombing and premeditated murder of innocent MOVE men, women, babies and animals.

(This part is true. John Africa made sure that there would be a heavy death toll the day of May 13th 1985. Instead of sending the children in his midst away to other MOVE properties (their were several at that time), he made sure that these kids were there so that he could use them as bullet fodder. It should also be noted that only one child in the house that day had a parent with them. The other children’s parents were in jail thanks to other confrontations instrumented by Mr. Africa.)

We of MOVE will never allow people (official or unofficial) to forget the horrendous example of this rotten vicious system.

(That’s right, remind people of how members of your cult essentially murdered little kids while committing mass suicide. What do you expect will happen when you build a stupid bunker and use it to hide behind while you shoot at the police?)

An official massacre occurred that day yet nobody was arrested or prosecuted except Ramona Africa, the only adult to survive the massacre. If any unofficial person did one quarter of what officials did on May 12th and 13th of 1985, they would be arrested prosecuted and probably executed.

(Perhaps others, like Mayor Goode and Police Commissioner Sambor deserved to be prosecuted, but let no one forget who started all of this.)

Stanley Tookie Williams was executed for the accusation of killing four people that nobody saw him kill.

(Straw man anyone? Not only did people see Tookie kill, they heard his words just after he did the deed. A witness testified that Williams mocked the gurgling sounds his victim made as he lay dying. "You should have heard the way he sounded when I shot him," the witness quoted Williams.
Sounds just like the kind of person MOVE would support.)

Everybody saw and knows who murdered our family but none of those who are responsible were ever even arrested.

(Not true. Ramona was arrested as would have been the other MOVE adults had they not chosen to follow their leader straight to hell,)

Mumia Abu Jamal sits on death row for the accusation of the murder of one person but officials murdered nine people and numerous animals yet they’re not sitting on death row.

(Mumia sits on death row because he was convicted of murder by a jury of his peers who were convinced of his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Now how many people does MOVE say were killed by “officials”? Nine? Actually eleven people died on May 13th 1985. Does the MOVE hack who authored this sophomoric drivel actually not know how many people died on that fateful day? Or maybe the author is just got their propaganda mixed up. Either way it is a sad testament that MOVE can no longer even get it’s own well practiced victim routine right.)

Our family, The MOVE 9, have been in prison almost twenty-nine years now on thirty to one hundred year sentences for a murder that everybody, including officials, know they did not commit but these same officials murdered the babies of some of these same MOVE people yet none of these officials are sitting in prison beside MOVE people for murder.

(No your family are the people who raised you and love you know matter how many stupid cults you join and will love you unconditionally. MOVE cannot offer that, all they can offer is a “love” predicated upon your willingness to subordinate your needs to needs of the group’s leaders.)

Actually, pretty much everybody knows the MOVE 9 are guilty. Why do you think after nearly thirty years of incarceration that you couldn’t even get thirty people to a demonstration for their release?)

What makes this government hallucinate that it can demand that people respect it while demonstrating this kind of vicious example on people. We want people to understand clearly that when you take a stand against an injustice being done to anybody you are really taking a stand to protect yourself and your family by working to stop injustice. Nothing is going to improve for us, the people, unless we work for it. We cannot demand respect from anybody unless we respect ourselves first, respect ourselves enough that we will not allow ourselves to de disrespected. Nothing should be more important to us than our freedom, our security, our health and happiness. We cannot afford to be apathetic, our very lives are at stake.

(What makes MOVE hallucinate that after being proven to be liars on so many occasions that anyone gives a damn what they say? That’s right go ahead and stand up for YOURSELF and get away from MOVE. Quit parroting their lies and plagiarizing your emotions. MOVE can offer nothing to anyone save for pain, the death of empathy, and emotional devestation.


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