Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The French Mumia Deception

“To see what is at the end of one’s nose is a constant struggle”-George Orwell

Those who will be reading this expecting an anti-French polemic, will, I am afraid, be sadly disappointed.

There is much to like about France, it’s history, contributions to philosophy, literature, art, and lastly justice. Some of my favorite writers and thinkers hail from France and they have spoken often of justice.

Which of course why I am writing this in the first place.

(Picture of Mumia Street)

I will take them at their word that the French delegates who have, on numerous occasions traveled to Philadelphia to express concern for Mumia Abu-Jamal have done so out of sincere convictions and a concern that a miscarriage of justice is about to take place. Of course, within these ranks are cynical agents provocateurs who are more interested in their own time to shine than they are with finding freedom for Mumia or anyone or anything else for that matter.

If you are a member of the “French Mumia” contingent than you are probably not surprised that when I speak of cynical self-promoters, that I am speaking of Claude Pujol and Julia Wright, the latter of the two will literally drag strangers off the street to promote the fact that her father was a famous author.

Who Mrs Wright is outside of the Mumia movement is a mystery to me.

So what happens when the French contingents organize and usually send lots of money to feed the Mumia machine? Pam Africa speedily sends them off for futile meetings with the Mayor. And for the record, in case anyone is interested, the mayor has taken the position that Mumia’s case should be decided by the courts and has been decided by the courts. Sounds reasonable enough.

A politician who understands the separation of powers should be commended, yet Pam Africa has repeatedly chided the mayor for not taking up the Jamal cause as his own and has called him a liar in the same breath. What gravitas she must have to slander anyone as a liar.

But what could Mayor Street even do if he were to join the crumbling Jamal cult?

According to his website his goals were to have "better schools for our children, cleaner neighborhoods for our families, safer streets for our residents, and a local economy that is strong and healthy.Mayor Street also appoints cabinet members and who is responsible for removing thousands of abandoned cars from the streets of Philadelphia.”

I guess he missed the part in his job description where it was stated that he was to intervene in criminal court cases that were nearly thirty years old.

But let us not forget that at one time a Mayor did try to intervene on behalf of imprisoned MOVE members. It happened after the May 13th bombing, when than Mayor Wilson Goode attempted to have an independent legal panel from outside Philadelphia review the cases of the nine MOVE members convicted in the 1978 slaying of Police Officer James Ramp and the wounding of several other officers and firefighters.

Goode said he would ask Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Robert N.C. Nix Jr. "to appoint a panel of legal minds from outside the city" to review the convictions "in order to clear the air."Under Goode's proposal, the panel would submit a report to Nix, who would then decide whether to forward the findings to the District Attorney's Office.

No surprisingly, the proposal never really got off the ground, the MOVE members are in jail and have even abandoned legal efforts to secure their own release.
And a disgraced and guilt ridden former mayor in the form of Wilson Goode is still making absurd comments.

It is not like Pam doesn’t know this when she sends her crew of French activists to “speak” with Mayor of Philadelphia.

She is not stupid. She knows that the mayor lacks the power or even the influence to secure Jamal’s release, yet she repeatedly sends her French devotees to the catacombs of Philadelphia’s city hall for meetings that never really happen and only allow her a little media time while allowing her French guests to play at being revolutionaries.


What is the point?

Mayor Street cannot do anything to free Mumia, but the district attorney can.

It is the district attorney’s office who continue to contest Jamal’s seemingly endless legal appeals. And since the French activists are so well educated about the case, than why not send them in to convince the good folks down at the DA’s office to just let Mumia go. Sure it sounds far fetched, but it makes more sense than hassling a mayor who can do absolutely nothing to change the outset of the case, and who has made it clear that he believes the debate belongs in the courts.

The other major force calling for the execution of Mumia is unquestionably the law enforcement community of Philadelphia via the police union, the Fraternal Order of Police. Again, if the French have such a grasp of the facts of Mumia’s case they should have no problem convincing Faulkner’s fellow officers that the wrong man is in jail and that a cop-killer is out running the streets after so many years. It defies logic to believe that these officers would allow for the murder of one of their own because he was an up and coming cab driver/journalist. Yet this is the postiion of the French dignitaries and is one that could not hold up under any kind of rational discourse. The kind of discourse that Pam is terrified of.

I am not a spokesperson for either the FOP or the District Attorney’s office, but I am sure that they would be glad to take a few hours of time to discuss Jamal’s case with such well informed tourists who have traveled so far in the name of justice.

But let us not neglect the fact that this is not something that Pam Africa would ever want to happen. She prefers the obligatory trips to see the mayor and his staff precisely because they will never change anything. She knows that the office of the mayor and his staff want the woefully misinformed rabble out of their offices as soon as possible so that they can get back to other things at hand, you know, like running a city.

The last thing Pam Africa and her cynical French cohorts is a conversation with anyone who is actually fluent with Jamal’s case. Much better to have the French citizenry out on busy streets where they can hold signs in English while getting subsequentl getting yelled at by pedestrians.

Much better for Pam and company to keep the French Mumia devotees as close as possible, you know, it is easier that way to keep uncomfortable questions from coming up. Keep them at MOVE headquarters and stuff them with delicious food. Anything to keep them from coming to the truth.

But really, what does it come down to? You see, the French come bearing gifts. Cash. Money that Pam is desperate for at this point. Cash that doesn’t have to be reported, cash so that she can continue her career as head of the Mumia fan club.

Obviously, I am neither French nor a Jamal supporter, but if I were, I would be pretty pissed.

These French activists are being pimped and exploited in a most vulgar and cynical way and Pam is by no means the only culprit in this vicious charade. French citizens are being taken for a ride to nowhere and are being extorted in the name of freedom and justice by a morally bankrupt cult, with the complicity of people like Claude Pujol and Julia.Wright.
ow many thousands have been raised on behalf of Jamal in France? And where does this money go besides down Pam’s black whole were the rest of the millions of dollars have gone.

Take a stand my French comrades. Ask the tough questions of your “leaders”. Demand to speak to someone who is in the know on the Jamal case and not just some poor bureaucrat who biggest internal dilemma is whether today’s lunch will be comprised of ham or turkey.

Hell, I will even be able to coversate with Jamal’s french friends. My blog, unlike any of the pro-Jamal websites is open to debate, so lets do it up right. You can also reach me personally at

Thanks for the time,
Tony Allen

Monday, May 29, 2006

MOVE Compares Journalist to "Hitler"

I am really starting to like the “Official” MOVE Statements too much. I doubt that they are meant to be so intentionally humorous, or they just end up that way, but I find them to be on some kind of strange dimension of the bizarre. They are like a child’s temper tantrum in pseudo-political form. They have reached the point of being completly unhinged and if they ever did have some form of relevance, they certainly don't know.

And what is even more fun than reading MOVE statements are picking them apart. I can’t control myself.

Perhaps a little context is necessary. Stu Bykofsky has been a Philadelphia columnist probably since I have been alive and he has probably written over a dozen articles about Mumia and MOVE, and of course this means they don’t like him.

Apparently, because he does not write for the “Revolutionary Worker” he is evil and bias. Well, like many in Philadelphia Bykofsky felt the need to write about “Mumia” street and what follows is the “Official” MOVE statement. The Bykofsky column is reprinted further down my blog. My own comments are in "italics"

May 26, 2006
To Stu Bykofsky
From: MOVE/Ramona Africa
We know that because you’re an American Patriot, it’s hard for you to understand anything that’s not dictated to you by your government’s propaganda,

I know that unless MOVE's leaders order you to that going to the bathroom is a struggle and that your Organization is so solipistic that it cannot fathom why anyone could be angry about a street named after an unapologetic killer.

...but you need to try to stop and think about this- The U.S. is the U.S., France is France, and not the U.S. When are you people gonna get it thru your heads you don’t control the world. There’s a whole world out there, outside of the U.S., full of people who have their own cultures, their own way of life and they haven’t asked for, nor do they need the U.S. dictating to them how to think and how to live

You mean France and the U.S. are different countries? Dear God! Does anyone else know this? Ramona just blew the lid one of the grandest conspiracies there ever were. Da Vinci Code my ass.

Correct me if I am wrong but is it not the French who are coming to the United States to tell us what to do with our murderers? Certainly we didn’t ask the French to come and “dictate” to us how to think and live. Good point, Ramona, just try to think about what a complete hypocrite you sound like

That’s been the problem with America’s relations with the rest of the world since time immortal, America, so bigoted, so high in the in-step, so opinionated, so judgmental, so dictatorial, just like you Stu Bykofsky.

What a promotion for Stu. Right up there with the great and evil empire. Was it not MOVE who tortured their neighbors and beat their neighbors and destroyed their neighbors for not thinking or agreeing with them?

Look at the way you’re talking about France and trying to tell the French what to do based on America’s dictates. Look at how you’re trying to trash Saint-Denis because they named a street after Mumia Abu Jamal.

Saint-Denis trashed themselves by allowing themselves to be tools of hardline communists who are so impotent that they have so few tactics left that they have been relegated to naming filthy streets after their murderous hero.

Talking about Saint-Denis had riots

Did they not have riots in the Saint-Denis area? that is a blight on the character of those people and the reason why they would do such a thing like name a street after Mumia Abu Jamal, who, to quote you, is a “criminal.” How do you know Mumia Abu Jamal is a criminal, just because he’s in prison!?

Mumia is a criminal because he has been adjudicated as such, because he was found guilty by a jury of his peers, because of the fact that the evidence demanded he be found guilty. How does Ramona know that Mumia is innocent? Because John Africa said so?

Do you know there are people being released from prison because they are found innocent, after the courts have found them guilty and labeled them as criminal. Obviously the courts make mistakes, you call yourself a columnist, you should know these things

That is true, but most of the people in jail deserve to be there and even MOVE members have candidly admitted to me that is the case. If our justice system were so vile, would not these innocent people stay in prison?

One thing is for sure, however, that is you don’t know nothing about Mumia Abu Jamal, but you do know a lot about being unfair, even though you are Jewish and you and your people are always crying about The Holocaust, expecting people to be sympathetic with you over Adolf Hitler and nazis but here you are being the Adolf Hitler, the nazi trying to kill off Mumia, a Black man, just like Hitler tried to kill off Jews, your people.

Stu does know that Mumia was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of his peers that Jamal helped to chose. Should not the Jewish people “cry” about the Holocaust? Is six million people not a high enough a death toll to meet the standards of MOVE? Does Ramona and her cohorts travel the planet “crying” about the eleven people killed during the confrontation that MOVE started? And Hitler? Are you serious? Bykofsky did not even call for the death of Jamal. How hyperbolic can one get?

The U.S., its citizens and you Stu Bykofsky need to be concerned about child pornography, child rape, child abduction, molestation.

Is this perhaps not a Freudian slip? The U.S. should be very concerned with the fact that MOVE forces it’s 11-12 year old girls to become pregnant and “married” to older men. Is this not child rape? is this not molestation? Perhaps Stu should take up MOVE’s advice and pen an article about MOVE’s child abuse. Not to speak of the educational deprivation and psycholgical torture of MOVE kids being virtual slaves inside an authoritarian cult.

Saint-Denis had riots, America’s got babies being raped.

Yes, Saint-Denis has had riots and maybe this latest stunt is designed to divert the French people’s many domestic problems by pointing towards the United States. And yes, America has babies being MOVE.

Saint-Denis named a street after Mumia Abu Jamal, America dropped a bomb on MOVE, on a street May 13, 1985. You got your priorities mixed up Stu. All you wanna do is build a reputation for yourself and further your career, you don’t care about Saint-Denis or Mumia Abu Jamal one way or the other. It’s all about maintaining your job and making money, even when it’s off the blood of a living being, in this instance, Mumia Abu Jamal

Stu’s journalistic reputation is sterling and he doesn’t need to play the role of hack as does Mumia Abu-Jamal,

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Small Victories to Cherish

"French activists and their decievers"

To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible, to be credible, we must be truthful.”
Edward R. Murrow

Over the past couple of weeks a couple of interesting things have happened concerning MOVE and the mostly non-existent movement to “Free Mumia”.
(I say small victories because MOVE is a group that has evaded justice for the murder of John Gilbride and for the abuse of the children in their midst.)

The first of such incidents occurred on Saturday, May 13th at the Liberty Bell, at the heart of Philadelphia, in the midst of it’s tourist Mecca. I don’t really know what occurred at this protest due to the fact that not only was this event not covered by the MOVE abdicated “mainstream” media, but neither apparently, did the alleged “alternative media” cover the event.

In a very literal way I believe this to be greatly disheartening. I am of the view that the day of May 13th 1985 should be forever etched into the psyche of a city that is obsessed with forgetting while all the while priding itself on remembering. For if a child can learn of Ben Franklin, a child should learn that the city dropped a bomb on a row home in a working class black neighborhood.

But I also believe that the tragedy should be placed within it’s proper context.
-It should be no secret that MOVE kept the children of the sect despite the pleas of mediators and non-police negotiators.
-It should be no secret that MOVE members, without regard to the children in their midst that they had adamant time (in fact all day) to abandon their fortified compound or at least send their children out.
-It should be no secret that MOVE fired first at police and had to have known full well what kind of response what happen when this was done.
-Neither should it be forgotten that “officials” abandoned their leadership positions to watch impotently as the calamity unfolded as if what was happening was happening somewhere else at some other time.
-Finally we should not forget that it was MOVE who initiated the conflict and who so therefore should abandon their morally squalid routine of monolatry enriching victimization.

The other firm defeat that MOVE and it’s pet cause Mumia took was that the media (even the alternative) media was in no mood to celebrate the fact that some street, somewhere in France will be named after him. (Are not street names usually given posthumously anyways?)

What did happen was that there was a tremendous outcry from both the media and citizens of Philadelphia against this deification of an American murderer in a nation that had been given it’s freedom via a mountain of American soldiers.
Nearly American 6000 casualties alone on D-Day and France rewards this sacrifice of blood and life with an homage to an unapologetic killer of an American police officer.

I would have to wonder if my great-uncle, who flew the Nazi gauntlet in Europe in his B-25 bomber would take kindly to France’s worship of cop-killers. He has passed on now, but something tells me that it would not be something he would be particularly pleased with.

Another event, one that I am sure did bring a quiet smile to the faces of Pam and Ramona Africa was the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Gary Skerski.
Despite the fact that they had to have known the heightening of emotions the death of a fellow officers, the leaders of MOVE chose to have their demonstration in front of the Fraternal Order of Police anyways and were given there just do, which from what I understand to have amounted to be a collective “fuck off’.
gain, there was little in the way of media coverage, but it does seem that a good amount of fed up Philadelphian’s were quick to give the six, and I say again six, Mumia demonstrators, a piece of their mind.

As a former supporter of Mumia and MOVE, I am at a loss to explain what the point this whole Mumia/MOVE debacle is other than a childlike and irrational desire for attention, despite the negativity that it might entail. Nothing was proved and nothing was gained.

A street was named for Mumia in a small town of ill-advised and duped people and perhaps this is not such a bad thing.
I am not of the view that conflict brings more “light than heat” and will take up the issue forcefully with the French authorities who are responsible for this latest outrage.

That said, I will not plea for the sign to be taken down.

I am all for indicators of ignorance, so long as they are reflective of the majority of those who demand them. If people want to worship a cop-killer, than let them do it but let us allow people to know exactly what is going on, let them suffer the reduction of tourism and other justified boycotts that may be called as a result of their disgraceful politicing. Let them take down their sad little sign because they come to realization that Jamal is a murderer and no hero. Let them take down the sign because they disgraced the American veterans of both world wars and let them take it down because they are shamed into doing so and not because of the fact that they were politically pressured to do so.

I must confess that I am proud of a lot of people this week. Many of whom I would consider political enemies realized that this was an issue to take on and did so appropriately. And moreover, I appreciate the people of Philadelphia who deserve some kind of accommodation for their patience in terms of dealings with the Mumiaidiots. There is much more to say and more people I would like to name off, but in all honestly my child and spring cleaning must take precedant..
Much more to come. Especially when it comes to our French friends

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Report From the "News Conference" At The FOP

Reprinted from And I must remind people that articles that I do not write on this blog do not neccesarily reflect my own views or opinions.

Today's protest outside FOP HQ was attended by Pam Africa, one (1) Black Panther Party wanna-be in his fake commando uniform, some whiny liberal white woman who looked older than a mummy, and some 6' 3" woman in need of dental work. They proved their stupidity with every word out of their collective mouths, and were countered by MULTIPLE concerned citizens.

(Picture of Scam Africa hard at work lying about something)

Construction workers were going into the lodge to buy Justice for Danny Faulkner shirts, concerned citizens and off-duties were out there to show support to our Lodge, and the construction crew had a "Fry Mumia" banner at their jobsite. We defended the memory of our fallen HERO Daniel Faulkner.

To the construction workers, OFF-DUTIES and everyone else who showed up to counter these MUMidiots---THANK YOU!

I think the best part was when they held up "HONK TO FREE MUMIA" signs and the got no beeps, just a slew of EFF yous and the like.

Real Philadelphians know Wesley Cook (Mumia Abu-Jamal) is a cold blooded cop-killer!!

P.S.--Screw FRANCE

More Condemnation of "Mumia Street"

(rom the Philadelphia Daily News)

by Stu Bykofsky
Some ideas for the French, who just love our criminalsSAINT Denis has upped the ante.

In 2003, the Paris City Council went bizarro and named convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal a "citizen of Paris." Last week, the Mumidiots in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis named a street after him.

That "honor" brought a riposte in the form of a congressional resolution introduced by U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, R-Bucks, co-sponsored by Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, D-Phila./Montco, asking the city of 95,000, or the French government, to rescind it.

Don't hold your breath. The French have made an Olympic sport of twisting Uncle Sam's tail and they just love screwing with us.

Supplementing the usual French disdain for America, Saint Denis is 80 percent black and Arab. Abu-Jamal is black with an Arab name. What more do they need?

Leftist Saint Denis is not engaging in some high-minded stance about opposition to the death penalty, which France abandoned in 1981 (after wearing out numerous guillotines). You can do that without using Abu-Jamal, whose guilt shakes you by the shoulders.

A steamed Fitzpatrick told me that while Abu-Jamal "may be viewed as a 'political prisoner' by an extremely small segment of people, especially by radicals in the elite European Left, to me he's nothing but a cop-killer and cop-killers do not get honored; they get prosecuted and thrown in jail."

Fraternal Order of Police President Bob Eddis told me he received word of Saint Denis' "honor" even as local police hunted the killer of Officer Gary Sker-ski. Naming a French street after Abu-Jamal "is like naming a California street after Charlie Manson," he said.

In addition to the resolution, Schwartz faxed a letter of reproach to Saint Denis Mayor Didier Paillard. No word back as yet.

I tried reaching the mayor or his spokeswoman yesterday by telephone and e-mail without success. Among other things I wanted to know was why it took them 20 years to get around to honoring Abu-Jamal, and if they planned to applaud any other American murderers.

Here are a few things France might consider:

• Renaming Place de la Concorde, the largest public square in Paris, to honor girlfriend-killer/unicorn/all-around-health-hazard Ira Einhorn. As a further tribute to the former hippie planetary enzyme, they should order it never to be cleaned by the streets department.

• A small plaza adjoining Rue Abu-Jamal should commemorate the groundbreaking work of Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski. A statue in the center in the shape of a mailbox would be a nice touch.

• The market district known as the "belly of Paris," Les Halles, must be reflagged as the Gary Heidnik District, to honor the financial wizard/dungeon-master/cannibal.

• The Eiffel Tower should be rededicated to the memory of Timothy McVeigh, to "honor" the "freedom fighter" who blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

• Rename the Bastille as Holmesburg.

By the way, if the name Saint Denis seems familiar, it was in the news late last year as an area hit by riots.

As the Associated Press reported at the time: "The violence has exposed deep discontent in neighborhoods where African and Muslim immigrants and their French-born children are trapped by poverty, unemployment, racial discrimination, crime, poor education and housing."

Perhaps minority-oppressing France should spend less time honoring American murderers and more time emulating American healers, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He's worthy of a boulevard.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mumia Is Still A Killer and Ward Churchill Is Still A Fake

“It is not enough for us to merely, dumbly intone that Churchill has the right to write what he does. No -- we must do more. We must insist that Churchill *is right*. And no one, not some rabid talk show
parrots, nor a political whore like Gov. Bill Owens, has a right to demand what is wrong. The Cold War is over (even in Colorado).
Churchill is right!”

-Mumia Abu-Jamal, 2005

(Picture of Ward Churchill)

Mumia Abu-Jamal and Ward Churchill are cut from the same sordid cloth. They are both fakes who are neither intellectuals, moralists, persons of integrity, or true humanitarians.

Both have found themselves in the press lately. Jamal for having his name defile a street in France and Churchill being exposed as an intellectual fraud.

Allow me to refresh your memory. Churchill, who is of course a Jamal apologist got himself into a bit of trouble with a certain little essay he wrote a couple of years ago. In case you forgot, Churchill’s view of the victims of 9/11 was that “they were civilians of a sort... but innocent?...gimme a break."

Churchill would go on to describe the World Trade Center victims as "little Eichmanns," a reference to Adolph Eichmann, who carried out Hitler's plan to exterminate Europe's Jewry before and during the second World War.

Understandably, these opinions evoked a huge barrage of opinion and debate about what Churchill said. And while I firmly disagree with his views, I do not begrudge him his right to state them, stupid as they were.

I would also not add my voice to the those of those who demand Churchill’s termination of employment. In America people should have the right to make political comments without fear of losing their job.

My view on the affair were summed up with the following comment on my blog at that time

How funny it is that a fake journalist and real murderer would take up for a fake intellectual who defends real murderers. On second thought, it's not funny, not funny at all.”As it turned out, I was more correct at that time than I had initially believed.

For starters, Churchill is no native American at all. His Indian get-up is a costume apparently pulled together for his fan’s benefit. Reporters (and some really tried hard to find the contrary), found that the only actual connection to Native Americans Churchill came through his late wife. In short, Churchill is a wannabee.

This is something that is personally offensive to me as I am sure it is to other actual descendants of native peoples. My fraternal great grandmother was a full-blooded Native American, but the darkness of our nations past would cause me never to know her. She committed suicide, allegedly as a result of the bigotry she faced as an “Indian” with white kids and a white husband.

That fakes like Churchill attempt to ingratiate themselves into this kind of tragedy is profoundly vulgar and offensive. And if I get to meet him again, I will be sure to tell him so, (I once met him briefly at an anti-Columbus rally in Denver) a few years back.

Now in addition to playing Indian, and making indefensible remarks about September 11th, it seems that he has made some professional transgressions that have now caught up with him.

A five member panel of professors (Churchill's own peers) have concluded that

"The Committee’s investigation of the seven allegations before us has unanimously found, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Professor Churchill committed several forms of academic misconduct as defined in the policy statements of the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Colorado system:231

1. Falsification, as discussed in Allegations A, B, C, and D.

2. Fabrication, as discussed in Allegations C and D.

3. Plagiarism, as discussed in Allegations E and G.

4. Failure to comply with established standards regarding author names on publications, as discussed most fully in Allegation F but also in Allegations A, B, and D.

5. Serious deviation from accepted practices in reporting results from research, as discussed in Allegation D."

The proffeseors would go onto say that:

"Although many of his writings, including nearly all those discussed in this report, address historical and/or legal issues, he does not have formal training at the graduate level in those fields. Professors writing on the topics he addresses would typically have a Ph.D. in history or a law degree; Professor Churchill’s graduate degree is an M.A. in Communications Theory."

So as it turns out Churchill supports an unapologetic cop-killer, pretends he is a native American, and is a now debunked intellectual. Why am I not the least bit surprised.?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Comments Allowed Back On Anti-MOVE Blog

If you have been a reader of this blog since it's inception than you know that at one point we used to allow for comments to be made on the blog. Being that this is a blog about MOVE I fully expected to be called all kinds of names, that I was a cop, stupid, tool, etc...I knew that some people would respond that way and have developed a thick skin about such things and was welcome to it.

I also knew that there are a great many people who have questions and issues about MOVE that would do well to see just how poorly the members of the sect can defend their actions and fake revolutionary rhetoric.

Unfortunately, we had to shut down the "comment" section of the blog after MOVE supporters used it as a way to issue physical threats against me.

This will not be tolerated now and was not tolerated then. Let me be clear. If anyone from any side of any debate makes threats of a physical nature, they will be banned from the site and if the threats persist the whole comment section will be again disabled.

The other issue that I want to address is the problem of people "spamming" comment sections of blogs with the same articles or comments over and over again. This also will not be tolerated.

People should also try to remember that this is a blog about MOVE, and since Mumia is a MOVE apologist and devotee, his case is fair game. As for me personally, I won't spend a lot of time debating people about Jamal for a couple of reasons. The first of which is that I don't believe that he will ever leave prison alive. Secondly, having exhaustively studied the case, I have no doubt that he shot and killed Officer Faulkner. Finally, I am against the death penalty, so if you are coming on here to argue against the death penalty than you are picking a fight with the wrong person.

Aside from that. Enjoy.

The Favor The "Mainstream Media" Did For Mumia

There was supposed to be a demonstration against the “mainstream” media attack on Mumia on May 18th.

Something else would happen that would blow the Mumia cult’s stupid protestations right off of the map. Philadelphia Police Officer Gary Skerski was brutally gunned down in the line of duty about eight days before and all of a sudden nobody gave a damn anymore about Pam Africa, her filthy rabble of misinformed French communists, or their stupid complaints. The cities residents, both black and white wanted the culprit found, brought to justice, and thankfully we can now report that this has been done. Of course, and I say this with all sincerity, that the accused is and should be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

And while I am pretty much to the point that I am glad to see MOVE and their ilk deprived of the media coverage that they so lustfully crave, there is a part of me who wished the Mumia story could have been covered side by side with that of Officer Skerski.

For if there ever were to be displayed a more clear example of a life lived with purpose versus a waste of humanity, it exists in the tableau of difference between Skerski and Jamal.

It appears, according to the media, that Skerski, a 16-year police veteran oozed with warmth and concern for his fellow man and never failed to step up when someone was in need.

And Jamal? He gunned someone down in cold-blood, has lied about it for years, has nearly allowed others to take the fall for him, exists as an apologist for 9/11 terrorits and child rapists, and helps to lead the corrupt monstrosity designed to “free” him from prison. On top of all of that he offers his mediocre "opinions" that get passed off as journalism in some disreputable locales

According to colleagues,, Skerski "just loved helping people," said Officer Christine Murphy, who had partnered with Skerski for the past three years as a member of the 15th Police District's crime- prevention unit.
Murphy noted, "There's not a person or a community group in this district who doesn't know Gary.

"When you needed help, he was the one. He'd take the shirt off his back for you. I know it sounds like a cliche, but it's all true. He was good to his community and a great police officer. He was good all the way around."

Officer Skerski was shot to death by a ”yellow eyed” masked gunman in a Northeast Philadelphia bar while interceding in a robbery that was occurring at the establishment.

Mumia Abu-Jamal as his contribution to socieity, ran up behind an officer in the administration of his duty and shot him in the back, than seeing the job not done, made sure he finished off the disabled Officer without remorse or mercy. And than, according to some witnesses, he bragged about it.

By all appearances, Officer, Skerski, was a family man who loved his city and community and now has given his life for it. As for Jamal, he is less than nothing and this city owes him nothing.

What have we received from Jamal and the rabble of fools who still inhabit his fan club? Zero.

According to the press release advertising the pro-Jamal event, the agenda was to be as follows:

Michael Smerconish a (local attorney and radio host on 1210 AM) have launched attacks against Mumia, attempting to sway public opinion to push for Mumia's execution. To fight back in defense of Mumia, a press conference has been scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday May 18th, at 10 am, at the Mayor's Office (the second story of City Hall, Broad and Market Sts).”

The above statement is far to stupid to even comment on

What is worthy of comment is the following excercise in extreme audacity

"French officials, unlike their counterparts in the U.S., have researched Mumia's trial and case thoroughly and determined that not only was it unfair but that Mumia is innocent. This belief has lead them to organize throughout France, Europe, and to raise the funds and take the time to come here, to Philadelphia, to address this issue personally."

So let me get this straight and so that we are all on the same page. Nobody on this side of the Atlantic (outside of MOVE and some Marxist dead enders) have researched Mumia’s trial and case thoroughly. And so therefore only these brave Frenchmen are the sole arbiters of Jamal’s truth. Sure, makes sense to me. I guess Maureen Faulkner will be happy to know that the French have "solved" her husband's murder

If the French are so attentive to the case, than where is the French translations of the trial transcripts? How can one “thoroughly” examine a trial if they cannot even read the text of the proceedings. And yes I know for a fact that some of these Frenchmen cannot even speak English much less read it.

Further, if one were to accept the pro-Jamal line you would have to accept that nobody in this city cares that one of it’s own officers was gunned down just so a failed journalist/taxi driver could be framed, leaving the real killer off the hook.

The recent outrage to the killing of Officer Skerski blows the fiction of indifference to officers of the law out of the water and does so conclusively, although I am sure Mumiaidiots will still find cause to ply their trade. After all, there is still some francs to be milked out of all of this.

Now you may like cops or you may not, but you should have some kind of affinity for the truth and it has been proven yet again (as if it had to be), that the Mumia crew cares nothing for any semblance of facts.

So in that sense, I lament the lack of coverage of the Mumia bitch session. We all missed out on a cynical display of propagandizing transposed against a backdrop of true grief. We could have seen what it is like to see a genuine love displayed towards a man who was considered by many to be a hero while at the same time observing the pitiful spectacle that is the cult of personality of a person whose name does not even deserve to be in the same sentence as that of Officer Skerski.

I think it went better this way and that we should continue to ignore the long discreditied rantings of the Mumia cult.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

More Well Argued Rhetoric From MOVE

I recieved the following message (that I really think needs no comment) from the administrator of the MOVE website on My Space. In addition to sending me these thought provoking rants he banned me from posting on the site. He later claimed to have removed the ban, but as of know I still cannot post.

Enjoy, please visit, and comment on a website that will certainly be leading many to the cause of John Africa's revolution...

Again this crackpot's site is

"you really think fighting against police and authority is a bad thing right?!?...come on, tell me why did you join them?!?

why the hell do you think we should not do anything to fight against everything in this system!!
they destroy the planet and all life!! conservative are you?!?...

i can not tell anything about some of the stuff you say, but, most of the things you tell are true!!!!! really they are!!

but i think they are all great!!!!!! is really easy to blame someone for something they did, after it all happend!...people make desitions, sometimes they are not the best, but they tryed to make a difference, and that is worth everything nowdays!!!!!

and if the struggle must be armed then so it shall be!!
authorities fighting with weapons why shouldn´t we?!?!

and by the way, no one from MOVE ever shoot anybody, but, look what the police did!!!!!!!

tell me, where does this hatred come from?!?!??!??!?!
did they treat you wrong?!?...or are you just against change and maybe you think it would be better to go hand in hand with murder, pollution and war?!?!?!

i think you just don´t want to get your ass up and fight for what is right!! got swallowed by the lies!!!!!
are you afraid of the truth?!?!?!?!?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The French Honor Cop-Killer and Cult Apologist

Paris suburb names street for cop-killer Abu-Jamal

By Jennifer Lin

Inquirer Staff Writer

As Philadelphians cope with another police slaying, news comes that a suburb of Paris has named a street for Mumia Abu-Jamal, convicted of the 1981 murder of Police Officer Daniel Faulkner.

Hundreds of supporters of Abu-Jamal attended a ceremony on April 29 to dedicate the Rue Mumia-Abu Jamal in the city of St.-Denis.

"In France, they see him as a towering figure," said Suzanne Ross, cochair of the Free Mumia Coalition of New York City, who was part of the ceremony.

Ross said the street is in the town's Human Rights district, which includes Nelson Mandela Stadium.

Richard Costello, past president of the Philadelphia lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, said the street dedication was "deplorable" but "consistent with the offensive position the French have taken in this matter. They've made him into some type of hero."

Abu-Jamal, 53, was sentenced to death in 1982 for the shooting of Faulkner, who was 25. A memorial plaque honoring Faulkner has been installed at 13th and Locust Streets, where he was shot.

Abu-Jamal, a former Philadelphia journalist, Black Panther member, and critic of police brutality, has maintained his innocence.

Last year, a federal appeals court agreed to consider Abu-Jamal's appeal of his conviction. The court said it would consider Abu-Jamal's allegation of racial bias in jury selection, as well as claims that the prosecutor gave an improper summation and that a judge in a previous appeal was biased.

The street naming in St.-Denis was part of a three-day event sponsored by the French city, Ross said.

She said there were speakers on such issues as the death penalty, human rights, the Abu-Jamal case, and the 1985 bombing of the MOVE headquarters in West Philadelphia.

Ross said Pam and Ramona Africa, MOVE leaders and supporters of Abu-Jamal, spoke about the "unfulfilled quest for justice in that case."

When notified of the French dedication, Maureen Faulkner, widow of the victim, called it "disgusting."

"This is so unnerving for me to get this news," Faulkner said from Los Angeles, where she lives. "It's insulting to the police officers of Philadelphia that they are naming a street after a murderer."

The campaign to free Abu-Jamal has generated international attention, particularly among anti-death-penalty activists in France. At the dedication ceremony, Julia Wright, a translator in Paris and daughter of the late African American author Richard Wright, called Abu-Jamal "our Mandela."

Maureen Faulkner, on the other hand, urged Americans to boycott Paris.

"The people of Philadelphia should think if they have any trips to Paris this summer, to cancel those trips," Faulkner said.

Of the French support of Abu-Jamal, she added: "These are the people who sheltered Ira Einhorn" - a fugitive who was finally returned to Philadelphia and convicted of killing his girlfriend, Holly Maddux.

'La Rue Mumia Abu-Jamal'

Editorial | Another bad idea from France
They're going to name a street after him! The French are going to name a street after Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Ecoutez bien, citoyens: In all likelihood, Mumia Abu-Jamal shot Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in cold blood on a Center City street in 1981.

The odds that Abu-Jamal didn't do the crime for which he was convicted in 1982 are, oh, a thousand to one.

Abu-Jamal may well deserve a new trial, an issue still on appeal. But that assertion has nothing to do with believing him innocent. It is a statement only about upholding the standards of the U.S. justice system.

In our system, the prosecution's burden is to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a rigorously fair trial. If the prosecution fails to meet that burden, even the guilty must go free. In Abu-Jamal's case, the police work was far from CSI quality. The trial judge was abysmal. You don't sentence a man to death based on sloppy police work and a chaotic trial.

In this Editorial Board's view, you should never sentence anyone to death, ever. Most Europeans share that view of the death penalty.

Somehow, in Paris and environs, this cop-killer has become a symbol of distaste for the American taste for the electric chair and the needle.

Get another symbol, people. Many more worthy names exist, people who actually were innocent of the crimes for which they were sentenced to die.

Chances are slim that Abu-Jamal fits that profile. Get over it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

MOVE Goes To "MY Space"

It seems that MOVE has been attempting to breach new territories in their quest for new recruits. And it appears that "My Space" is their new stomping grounds. As I locate their sites I will provide people with the information, but for now my space will be my antimove space

I found the first pro-MOVE webstite where you can leave comments at the "blog" section and I encourage people to do so. This is the pro-MOVE address.

Friday, May 12, 2006

WCAU Coverage of May 13th 1985

I have been covering this “MOVE” thing for a long time and would like to think that I have a pretty hard skin when it comes to dealing with the issue. Last night I realized that may not be the case.

WCAU, the NBC news affiliate has put on it’s website large portions of the coverage of the catastrophe that occurred on Osage avenue. And while I have seen nearly all of the documentary coverage of events that day, the unfiltered coverage of the days events broke me down in a state of sorrow and tears

I am gripped by the pointless loss of life and the disregard for the lives of the children of MOVE from both sides is positively overwhelming. And to be frank and totally honest I do not want to write about this anymore today.

I would encourage everyone who even has a passive interest in the events that transpired on that fateful day to check out, in full the coverage as offered by WCAU...Please feel free to respond to me with your comments.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Fun With "Official MOVE" Statements

Now I am of the steadfast belief that MOVE’s statements have devolved to a new and even somewhat comical level over the past couple of years. Still though, I must confess that these sub-literate and completely impotent attempts at rhetoric do bring me a macabre sense of joy. If I ever were to question my choice about leaving MOVE, all I would have to do would be to pull up one of these convoluted and creepy screeds to affirm that I had done the right thing.

I also must confess that I really enjoy “fact checking” MOVE’s statements. A bizarre hobby to be sure, but one that I get a kick out of. So here goes...



May 13, 2006 marks twenty-one years since the official bombing and premeditated murder of innocent MOVE men, women, babies and animals.

(This part is true. John Africa made sure that there would be a heavy death toll the day of May 13th 1985. Instead of sending the children in his midst away to other MOVE properties (their were several at that time), he made sure that these kids were there so that he could use them as bullet fodder. It should also be noted that only one child in the house that day had a parent with them. The other children’s parents were in jail thanks to other confrontations instrumented by Mr. Africa.)

We of MOVE will never allow people (official or unofficial) to forget the horrendous example of this rotten vicious system.

(That’s right, remind people of how members of your cult essentially murdered little kids while committing mass suicide. What do you expect will happen when you build a stupid bunker and use it to hide behind while you shoot at the police?)

An official massacre occurred that day yet nobody was arrested or prosecuted except Ramona Africa, the only adult to survive the massacre. If any unofficial person did one quarter of what officials did on May 12th and 13th of 1985, they would be arrested prosecuted and probably executed.

(Perhaps others, like Mayor Goode and Police Commissioner Sambor deserved to be prosecuted, but let no one forget who started all of this.)

Stanley Tookie Williams was executed for the accusation of killing four people that nobody saw him kill.

(Straw man anyone? Not only did people see Tookie kill, they heard his words just after he did the deed. A witness testified that Williams mocked the gurgling sounds his victim made as he lay dying. "You should have heard the way he sounded when I shot him," the witness quoted Williams.
Sounds just like the kind of person MOVE would support.)

Everybody saw and knows who murdered our family but none of those who are responsible were ever even arrested.

(Not true. Ramona was arrested as would have been the other MOVE adults had they not chosen to follow their leader straight to hell,)

Mumia Abu Jamal sits on death row for the accusation of the murder of one person but officials murdered nine people and numerous animals yet they’re not sitting on death row.

(Mumia sits on death row because he was convicted of murder by a jury of his peers who were convinced of his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Now how many people does MOVE say were killed by “officials”? Nine? Actually eleven people died on May 13th 1985. Does the MOVE hack who authored this sophomoric drivel actually not know how many people died on that fateful day? Or maybe the author is just got their propaganda mixed up. Either way it is a sad testament that MOVE can no longer even get it’s own well practiced victim routine right.)

Our family, The MOVE 9, have been in prison almost twenty-nine years now on thirty to one hundred year sentences for a murder that everybody, including officials, know they did not commit but these same officials murdered the babies of some of these same MOVE people yet none of these officials are sitting in prison beside MOVE people for murder.

(No your family are the people who raised you and love you know matter how many stupid cults you join and will love you unconditionally. MOVE cannot offer that, all they can offer is a “love” predicated upon your willingness to subordinate your needs to needs of the group’s leaders.)

Actually, pretty much everybody knows the MOVE 9 are guilty. Why do you think after nearly thirty years of incarceration that you couldn’t even get thirty people to a demonstration for their release?)

What makes this government hallucinate that it can demand that people respect it while demonstrating this kind of vicious example on people. We want people to understand clearly that when you take a stand against an injustice being done to anybody you are really taking a stand to protect yourself and your family by working to stop injustice. Nothing is going to improve for us, the people, unless we work for it. We cannot demand respect from anybody unless we respect ourselves first, respect ourselves enough that we will not allow ourselves to de disrespected. Nothing should be more important to us than our freedom, our security, our health and happiness. We cannot afford to be apathetic, our very lives are at stake.

(What makes MOVE hallucinate that after being proven to be liars on so many occasions that anyone gives a damn what they say? That’s right go ahead and stand up for YOURSELF and get away from MOVE. Quit parroting their lies and plagiarizing your emotions. MOVE can offer nothing to anyone save for pain, the death of empathy, and emotional devestation. On The "Mumia Cult"

Song sung blue: Cops & Mumia cult

THE BEST SONG to make love to is "I Only Have Eyes For You" by the Flamingos. Add some good red wine, candles not from the Dollar Store and those lyrics: "Are the stars out tonight? I don't know if it's cloudy or bright. I only have eyes for you."

The best song for a passion-lacking sweat-fest is a tie: "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf and "Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC. This makeout session usually occurs on a couch or in the back seat of a car, where the question, "Is that the seat belt or you?" can ruin the mood.

Both making love and making out are literally the same thing, in the end you get what you want - you just do it differently.

Same with protesting. The First Amendment guarantees the freedom of worship, of speech, of the press, of assembly and of petitioning the government for redress of grievances. So those protesting are just exercising their First Amendment right to free speech.

Protesting and intercourse: It's all the way you go about it.

The First Amendment protects all kinds of protests. There is no law against bad judgment, or lack of common sense. When the Nazis marched in Skokie, Ill., that was the equivalent of a bad cheap date in the back seat. The 1963 March on Washington for civil rights? One big love fest.

But take a recent protest at City Hall to free cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal. There were about 30 protesters on the northeast apron asking rush-hour drivers to honk in support of freeing their poster boy. No problem there, it's their First Amendment right.

They had every right to be there, just like I would have every right to be there and hold a sign asking motorists to honk if they wanted protesters to walk in front of a bus, use deodorant or stick their signs where the seat belt digs into when you're making out in the back seat.

I understand the freedoms we have to protest things we don't like or don't agree with or think are unjust. What I don't understand is that three police officers had to stand there and protect the Mumia posse as they chanted for the freedom of a man who was tried and convicted of killing police officer Daniel Faulkner.

Talk about slap-in-the-face kind of work.

At first I watched the protest from a fifth-floor window of City Hall. As I left the building, I saw that they weren't getting many honks, and the ones who did honk also gave them a hand gesture, which I don't think meant "You're No. 1!"

There were three officers assigned to this protest, two black, one white, but it didn't matter because all three were blue.

There they were, standing and protecting a crowd of protesters who were screaming and calling for the release of a guy who killed one of their own. That's like asking Holocaust survivors to protect a group of Nazi war criminals, or asking the board of the NAACP to work a KKK rally to make sure nobody hurts them.

As I watched the Criminal Justice Center empty out across the street at the end of the day, I imagined that those charged with heinous crimes would see a cheering section for their actions.

HEY, YOU TOO CAN get a traveling sideshow dedicated to canonizing you - just kill a cop and deny it for two decades. Get some Hollywood big shots to jump on your bandwagon and you'll be a jailhouse superstar.

But back to the officers on duty that day. I'm sure that as they stood there protecting the Mumia supporters, the thought "Is this why I joined the force?" cascaded through their heads.

Because, God forbid, maybe another Mumia will some day empty their 9 mm into their face and chest. Maybe, some day, their spouse will get a call just after 4 a.m. saying they've been killed in the line of duty, and, maybe someday, their murderer will have a cult calling for the freedom and release of a cop-killer.

Maybe their families will turn on the TV and see Hollywood celebrities taking the side of the killer, urging the public to put pressure on the powers that be and give him a get-out-of-jail card.

But the oath of the Philadelphia Police Department is to protect and serve - and that means everybody - even the people who idolize someone who killed one of their own. So you stand there and protect and serve the protesters and hope that spontaneous combustion exists.

Sounds to me like the cops protecting the Mumia rally got a royal shafting - and the only song for that is "Ain't That a Shame."

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Today Warren Jeffs...Tommorow MOVE?

On May 6, 2006, cult leader,Warren Jeffs was placed on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list. Jeff's, who was at one point an accountant (and scarily enough), a former school teacher, and accountant is wanted for the following: sexual conduct with a minor and conspiracy to commit sexual conduct with a minor, which allegedly occurred in 2002. He is also charged with rape as an accomplice. Federally, Jeffs is wanted for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Warren Jeffs who once lived the life of a demi-god is now scurrying around the mid-west attempting to avoid the hundreds of lawmen who are on his scent.

Before his new career as a fugitive, Jeffs led a polygamous sect called the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS), which is a splinter group of the mainstream Mormon church, more familiarly known as the Church of Latter Day Saints (for it’s part the CLDS has repudiated the practice of plural marriages.)

Unlike MOVE, however, Jeffs has thousands of followers who have large and established communities in Arizona, Utah, and Texas.

But there are some noted similarities between the FLDS and MOVE.

-Both groups practice welfare fraud with a shared justification that taking from the government is morally acceptable because it is a matter of “bleeding the beast”.

-MOVE and the FLDS force girls who are barely pubescent to “marry” older men and become pregnant as soon as physically possible.

-Both sects place a low premium on education for their children.

-Boys within both sects are compelled at a young age to take on highly physical jobs while the girls (who can barely spell their own names) are regarded as little more than breeding machines.

-Both cults are extremely authoritarian and are notoriously antagonistic to anyone who dare bring forth any degree of criticisms.

But while Warren Jeffs must live a life as a wanted man, the leader of MOVE, Alberta Africa continues, unmolested, her upper middle class lifestyle, apparently without worry.

And as someone who spent nearly a decade around MOVE, I can attest without hesitation that Mrs. Africa is guilty of some of the same crimes as Mr. Jeffs. The middle aged heir to the former John Africa arranges “marriages” between 12 year old girls and older male MOVE members. One of the very same crimes that Warren Jeffs is wanted for.

Than, there is the still unsolved murder of John Gilbride that lingers over the head of Alberta Africa. Alberta swore, during her contentious custody fight with Mr. Gilbride that she would never allow him to be with his son.

And this was a promise that would be kept.

Mr. Gilbride was found murdered in his car the night before he was to have his first un-supervised visitation with his son. This murder occurred in 2002 and yet here we are nearly four years later with no suspects and no apparent leads.

And Alberta of course, continues to rule MOVE, continues to promote the rape of young girls, and continues to ruin the lives of those within her orbit.

When it comes to MOVE, when will enough be enough?

Why is the district attorney’s office silent on the issue of MOVE’s on-going abuse of children?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

MOVE and Immunizations

It is without reservation that I will be dedicating the next few blog postings to the plight of the children of the MOVE Organization. What inspired me to do this, aside from my continuing concern for MOVE’s youngest victims was a radio show aired on National Public Radio that pertained to immunizations.

For those of you who do not know, MOVE denies immunizations to it’s children as an extension of it’s overall animus towards science and modern medicine (unless of course, it is being used by the group’s leaders).

To be sure, MOVE is not alone in it’s anti-immunization views. Certain Christian fundamentalist churches oppose immunizations as do certain cults that are predominantly African-American. Also, the anti-vaccination movement has now taken hold amongst those who adhere to a kind of secular, naturalistic outlook. And this is all very unfortunate.

For me, when I left MOVE, the issue of whether or not I should immunize my child became something that I had to wrestle with, and without going into to much extraneous detail, I concluded that the benefits of immunizations, by far, greatly outweigh the risks.

Something that should concern parents who do not immunize their children is the reality that there are frequent outbreaks of deadly diseases such as Measles amongst groups of un-immunized children. Measles is one of the most severe and contagious diseases of childhood and is virtually universal among un-immunized children throughout the world. According to experts, just about everyone who has not been immunized will contract measles, and 90% will do so before the age of 20. Among non-immunized people, measles was the eighth leading cause of death throughout the world in 1990. And Measles is just one of many deadly diseases that can befall un-immunized children.

Now I suppose by this point anyone who is against immunizations is preparing to counter my point with the argument that one particular immunization has been conclusively linked to Autism. This, however, is simply not the case as further studies have indicated. That said, immunizations, like any medical procedure, is not fully without risk. Nevertheless, anyone who takes an honest appraisal of immunizations will realize that not only are they safe, but that they also have contributed greatly to our standard of living and have added about 30 years to our lives.

Periodically, there are outbreaks of diseases that should have long since been erased from our memory. Incidentally enough, one such deadly outbreak occurred in Philadelphia in the early 90's.

During that time a measles outbreak tore through the city causing confusion and frustration for the medical community who had a hard enough time diagnosing the disease, not to speak of treating it.

Eventually, the pieces of the puzzle were put together and it was discovered that the outbreak had it’s genesis in fundamentalist churches who abstained not only from immunizations, but any health care at all. A number of children infected died as a result of their parent’s misinformed choices.

Now I fully realize that MOVE members would claim that there has never been such an outbreak within their tiny community. And that may be true. But what is also true is that according to experts, MOVE as usual, is playing with fire, and the lives of their children. What is also true is that over the years a number of MOVE infants have turned up dead under very suspicious circumstances. MOVE, traditionally has blamed the death of their children on police attacks. However, at least one former member of the group disputes this claim and instead asserts that these babies died from untreated ailments.

Either way, MOVE has historically treated their children as disposable props in their public relations stunts, and I for one, think it very much past time that they be held accountable.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Mumia's Defense of Moussaoui

Mumia Abu-Jamal has a lot of experience in the defense of terrorists and murderers.

He has been doing it since before he murdered Daniel Faulkner and he will likely be doing it until the day he dies.

However, every once in a while, even Mumia can take things to far.

So it is with his defense of, or as Jamal might put it, “explanation for”, admitted Sept 11th co-conspirator, Zacarias Moussaoui.

According to Jamal, it matters little whether or not the jury who holds Moussaoui’s life within their hands, gives the go-ahead for execution.

I am of the view that the families of those who Moussaoui helped to murder might have another take on this matter.

Perhaps as odious as Jamal’s not-so-hidden admiration for Moussaoui is the pseudo-intellectual sophistry that Jamal substitutes for logic.

For at the crux of Jamal’s argument is that Moussaoui, a child of Muslim Algeria, born and raised in secular France has “alienation” to blame for his descent into the terrifying world of Islamic extremism.

What I find most interesting about Jamal’s line of reasoning is that it is based in Marxist philosophy in general, and perhaps the work of Dr. Frantz Fanon (who himself, incidentally enough, was Algerian) specifically. And it is through this kind of convoluted “logic” that Jamal attempts to explain away the terrible crimes that Moussaoui has already admitted to.

Perhaps Jamal thinks his listeners are to stupid to realize that he is using socialist philosophy as a means of criticizing a socialist nation without any pause to consider the glaring contradictions he raises by doing so.

The problems of unemployment, issues of education, and racial persecution are all real issues in France, but they exist not because of U.S. hegemony, but because of France’s failed socialist economy and utterly corrupt government, a government, who not surprisingly, holds Mumia in high regard.

Jamal also wants people to know that Moussaoui was somehow deprived of his Islamic heritage by his mother who clearly wanted her children to assimilate into French culture.

But could anyone blame her?

It is all well and good to know that Muslims translated Socrates and Plato some thousand years ago, but the present world of Islam is not exactly spilling over with enlightenment.

There is currently the genocide in Darfur, be-headings of civilians, brutal attacks on houses of worship, suicide bombings, the killing of apostates, the violent persecution of Coptic Christians in the land of the Pharaoh, the butchering of nearly two-dozen Hindus only a few days ago in the disputed area of Kashmir, the rape of women and young girls that is so vile and common in nearly all Muslim societies, the war Islam wages on art, science, music,....And on and on.

Mumia also sees fit to point out that Moussaoui was radicalized by the first Gulf War as well as conflict in Palestine. Yet, he fails to explain just how flying plane loads of “innocent, men, women, and children,” into buildings filled with other “innocent men, women, and children” will bring about any kind of solution.

And while I am all for “laying axe to root” as Thomas Paine said, in reference to getting to the bottom of any issue, Jamal’s analysis simply falls flat.

His retrograde Marxist diatribe serves only the enemies of freedom who no doubt delight in the fact that the self-appointed “voice of the voiceless” has again taken up their cause.

But what can one expect from a man who still says proudly, “LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA”.

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