Friday, April 07, 2006

Another Former MOVE "Affiliate" Speaks Out

by Anonymous

It is the position of Move to confront any speaker, so called informed personalities… and demand that they substantiate, qualify what they are saying or stop misleading people. Information is in the ability to inform, and when you have no information to give, you can only misinform. THIS IS THE STATED POLICY OF MOVE, TO STAMP OUT MISINFORMATION…” (from "25 years On the Move")

For those folks familiar with the writings of Tony Allen, it is important to realize that Tony is NOT the first or last person to have changed their minds about the Move Organization. Countless others who have been in close proximity to the organization, either as members or supporters, have come and gone. Considering Move has been around in some form or another for over thirty years, it seems only logical that there must be some substantial reasons that there are only some 20-30 adults who would consider themselves “disciples” of John Africa today. Surely, over the past three decades there has been many times that number who once considered themselves close to Move. So the question begs to be asked… what is it about Move that prompts so many to turn there back on the organization?

Surely, Move’s response would first be to deny the large numbers of people who have had an inside look at the organization and came to the conclusion that they were frauds. The second response would be that those who have left just “couldn’t handle the work”. But what exactly is that supposed to mean? What exactly is Move’s “work” that is so incredibly difficult that less than 30 people out of 6 billion on the face of the earth can handle it?

In there own publication concerning the history of Move, entitled "25 years on the Move", (ironically written by a supporter who has since left the organization), Move clearly defines their purpose as an organization. The stated policy of Move, by Move, is to stamp out “misinformation”. For the past two years, Tony Allen has been persistently and forcefully declaring his opposition to Move. The exact type of “personality” that Move has vowed to confront and expose. Where is Move in all this? The fact is that Move has taken a hands-off approach to Mr. Allen. Why would Move contradict their own stated policy as an organization?

Ramona Africa gave Move’s cliche answer to this question regarding Tony in a newspaper article.

"MOVE people have work to do. We have our direction. We have been coordinated by
John Africa. We are not going to be diverted by it."

There’s that word “work” again. Is there anyone but me that doesn’t understand? Mr. Allen is perhaps Move’s most vocal, and certainly most credible, opponent. Isn’t this exactly the type of thing Move members are supposed to be “working” on?

On his websites, Tony Allen has pointed out inconsistency after inconsistency in the policies of the Move Organization to those seeking more information about the group. And to those of us that were once involved with Move, he only reminds us of why we left. And I’d be willing to bet that for supporters still under the influence of Move, no matter how much they express on the outside their disdain for the likes of Mr. Allen, there is a voice inside them that can’t help but feel uneasy. I’d be willing to bet that all the while they verbally make accusations of “traitor”, “infiltrator”, and “weak”, there is a part of them, hidden away by fear, that can’t help but agree, at least in part, with the sentiments of Tony Allen.

John Africa allegedly once stated that “speaking the truth is as urgent as your next breath and just as necessary.” Like most of Move’s rhetoric, it sounds profound, if it were only true itself. The fact is that the leaders and core members of Move have no real concept of honesty. And I believe that even among Move’s most loyal supporters there is some hint of doubt concerning Move’s authority to teach their supporters about strength, truth, righteousness, or work.

Strength comes from consistently standing strong in the face of adversity, not conforming blindly to every standard set by those you perceive in power out of fear of rejection. Truth is revealed in countless sources, from the workings of nature to books to serious introspection, not solely from one power hungry person who believed he was God. Righteousness comes from being honest with oneself and constantly working to live more harmoniously with your surroundings, not living in fear of the outside world and demonizing all whom disagree with you. Being brave means being able to admit when you are wrong.

And so I ask again, what exactly is Move’s work?

It is not much more than an excuse they use over and over to explain why they aren’t living up to their own rhetoric. Move’s work is lying about not having weapons on August 8th, when somehow returning gunfire injured eleven police officers and firefighters. Move’s work is to use their well-intentioned supporters for money, time, and energy so that its core members can avoid most of the struggle they call for. Move’s work is to grant countless special privileges to the only white child in Move while denying their black children basic rights. Move’s work is to spew rhetoric about natural law and protecting life while living in comfort and doing the bare minimum to abide by any such principal.

Within the “system” that Move claims to live outside of, there is enough lies. There is enough psychological manipulation. There is enough deceit. There is enough abuse. There is enough hierarchy. There is enough exploitation. There is enough indoctrination. There is enough hypocrisy. There is enough unprovoked violence. It is a wonder that any critical thinking person could continue to see the Move Organization as a viable alternative to the “system” when they employ much the same fear tactics to keep it’s members blind and loyal.

Quite contrary to Move’s portrayal of ex-Move supporters having burnt out from exhaustion, succumbing from weakness to the “system”, there are other reasons. Any person honestly and truly engaged in the type of personal revolution and refinement Move only speaks of, will eventually come to the conclusion that being under Move’s influence in the end will only hamper one’s progress. But that is one truth you’ll never hear a disciple of John Africa speak.

With all the self-proclaimed connection to nature that Move speaks of, it should be obvious to them that there is a natural law at work here. Nature has a way of eradicating that which is out of balance. Perhaps that is why the Move Organization is as weak as it’s ever been, and Move tries so desperately to hide behind the few supporters it has left. It is evident to anyone who opens his or her eyes to the reality that Move is crumbling with time.

The question that remains is who will claim their lives back before it’s too late?

-One of many ex-affiliates of the Move Organization


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