Sunday, March 05, 2006

Media Covers Reward For John's Murder

From The ABC News Affiliate Station in Philadelphia

CrimeFighters: Murder of John Gilbride

March 5, 2006 - It was September 27th 2002 when 34-year-old John Gilbride was ambushed outside his Maple Shade, New Jersey apartment.

He was shot to death inside his car, the doors wide open, the car still running. He had just finished his shift as a baggage handler at Philadelphia International Airport.

Gilbride was locked in a very bitter custody battle with his ex-wife, Alberta Africa, a member of the radical group MOVE. And he had just won court ordered time with his son.

Burlington County prosecutor Robert Bernardi says there is no evidence linking the custody fight or the MOVE organization to the murder. Nor is Gilbride's job or the gambling trips he took connected. Bernardi also rejects the conspiracy theory.

Right now authorities have no murder weapon, no eyewitness and very little in the way of forensics. That's why they are hoping a 20-thousand dollar reward will rejuvenate this cold case murder.

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