Thursday, December 29, 2005

Let Us Call MOVE What It is: A Terrorist Organization

I will never stop reminding people of the date of Sept 27th 2002. For that was the day that I believe MOVE members and supporters murdered John Gilbride.

That John’s killers walk the streets is an injustice. That those who are responsible for his murder are mis-guiding the life of his young son is an outrage that could almost leave one speechless.


The Burlington County Prosecutors Office will still tell you that John’s case is “active”, and that is about it. For now, this is something that I think that we should be content with.

But, in my mind, the Burlington County Prosecutors Office should not be the only ones on the job investigating MOVE members and supporters.

It is time for the city of Philadelphia to step up and end their “hands off” policy towards the Organization. It is time that the members and supporters of MOVE be compelled to live under the same laws and rules that the rest of us have to.

MOVE is an Organization that has, in the past, threatened to “hit reservoirs”, kill the President of the United States, initiated a confrontation that culminated with the devastation of an urban neighborhood, and whose members and supporters have been found guilty of murdering civil servants. They openly and actively advocate the destruction of the United States and they have provided propagandistic support to other groups that have been identified by the government as being “terrorist” entities.

What else does a group need to do to be labeled as a “terrorist” organization

Although the members of MOVE are not jihadists, they have proven that they are not above using the tactics of the Islamo-fascists that now are considered our nations greatest threat.

MOVE members have killed before and will kill again if the group is allowed to continue to exist.

Let us give MOVE the label that members of the group have earned for it, that of “terrorists”, and let us treat them accordingly.

Write and encourage the following government agencies and departments to do what the facts and the safety of our citizens demand:

Philadelphia Federal Bureau of Investigations

Philadelphia District Attorneys Office

U.S. State Department


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