Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Boycott MOVE

I must preface this article by stating that math was never my strong point in school, but I think that I have pretty much gotten my statistics right insofar as this blog is concerned.

According to my research, the State of Pennsylvania has executed three people in close to thirty years.

Also, according to my calculations, the MOVE Organization, or their “supporters” must be held responsible for the deaths 13 people and as many as twenty in roughly the same span of time.

And when exactly did Mumia become an opponent of the death penalty? After he blew Officer Faulkner’s brains all over the sidewalk at 13th and Locust?

What about MOVE? Did they decide that killing was wrong after they tried to gun down a dozen or so Police Officers in 1978? (they did succeed in killing Officer James Ramp)

Or was it after John Africa effectively signed the death warrants for the six children in his care on May 13th 1985 when he forced them into his “suicide by cop” scheme that he decided to place some value on human life?

And what to speak of John Gilbride? The former MOVE member's death remains unsolved, yet a cloud of suspicion sits permantly afixed over MOVE's headquarters.

All of this and Ramona Africa still gets invites to sit on panels about “Tookie Williams” and the Death Penalty. Agents of death, pretending moral authority, all the while hiding the blood on their hands are asked to speak on protecting life.

Amazing and revolting at the same time.

Yet it is the state of Pennsylvania that is verbally bludgeoned as a “terror state” bent upon execution and murder.

Maybe my math is fuzzy, but something doesn’t add up.

This fact remains, but journalists like Dave Lindorff and the esteemed journalists at the Philly Independent Center continue to give MOVE a pass, a nod, and features Mumia on the phillyimc.org site. All without the slightest bit of intellectual, not to speak of journalistic curiosity. Independent?....What a joke.

There must be something I don’t get. Perhaps somebody can explain it to me.

The pro-Mumia cabal has done a grave disservice to the death penalty abolitionist movement, by postulating Jamal as an “actually innocent”victim of a “COINTELPRO” style frame up. And when this well polished scheme was exposed as a merit less, subterfuge, the roaches ran to hide in the walls, leaving the mainstream anti-death penalty groups to attempt to pick up the pieces.

Amnesty International for example, after being hounded by the Mumia devotees finally capitulated and offered a sneeringly flawed examination of Jamal’s case that was riddled with shoddy research and easily refuted claims. The AI, Jamal piece remains a blemish on an otherwise positive group that has done real work to abolish the death penalty and end political imprisonment.

Another victim of the pro-Jamal thuggery was the group Equal Justice. Equal Justice, which is a product of the Quixote Center championed Jamal long before it became fashionable to do so. The work of the group, under the direction of Jane Henderson helped to place the Jamal, name, face, and cause within at least, the realm of the far-left. This work helped to surge Jamal’s case into the public spectrum and in doing so, stoked the ire of Pam Africa.

Africa, in a state of paranoid jealously accused Henderson and her group Equal Justice of nearly every impropriety under the sun. Supposedly, but not surprisingly, the main issue of contention was about money. Pam Africa wasn’t as good as raising money as was Equal Justice and so therefore a shake-down was needed. Africa demanded thousands of dollars, Henderson declined and you can guess the rest.

According to Pam Africa, Henderson was a profiteering racist at best or a government agent at worst. Either way, Equal Justice was out of the Mumia game and Pam got the Mumia funds headed her way and more importantly MOVE’s way. Henderson was demonized and the important anti-death penalty work of the group she headed was tarnished.

And who really knows where all of that money went? Financial records disappeared after supposed “government break-ins”. French dignitaries handed Pam Africa huge wads of cash, that I am sure was never reported. By the way. Does anyone know what Pam Africa does for a living? She always seems to have money. Where does it come from? I think I know. Perhaps an investigation should take place. Perhaps some new words should be introduced into Pam’s limited vocabulary. Extortion, money laundering, misappropriation of funds, fraud, etc...Something to look forward to anyway. Hey Pam, where have all of those “Millions for Mumia” gone? (and I ain’t talking about people).

Instead of boycotting Pennsylvania, as MOVE and their cronies have enjoined us to do, lets boycott MOVE, if anyone deserves to be ignored, boycotted and relegated to a corner of mediocrity, it is them.


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