Thursday, November 24, 2005

Spokesperson For Cindy Sheehan is a "Friend of MOVE"

Karen Pomer just “knows” that Police Officer James Ramp was felled by “friendly fire”. How the spokesperson for anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan and long-time friend of MOVE “knows” this is anyone’s guess.

Much like the rest of the pro- MOVE crowd, Pomer is heavy on the rhetoric and light on the facts.

Back in the 1970’s Pomer was a wide-eyed, white liberal, Temple University student who produced a “documentary” on MOVE. The film presents MOVE as peaceful, health conscious, dreadlocked hippies, who would like nothing more than to create compost and be happy. Enter the evil, bloated character, that was the late Mayor Frank Rizzo cast as the devil himself and I am sure that you can figure out the rest.

It is no “Bowling For Columbine”, but MOVE has still gotten a lot of mileage out of the black and white sloppy mess of celluloid in its propaganda efforts.

Recently, at the partially taxpayer funded exhibit at the African-American Museum in Philadelphia, Pomer and a host of other esteemed panelists such as “I-Abdul John” made the crude case for MOVE’s revisionist history as fact..

According to Pomer and the rest of the panel, Police Officer James Ramp was felled by his own men, in their zeal to kill MOVE members.

As one might expect, there are more than a few problems with this scenario.

-MOVE and their ilk always seem to omit the fact that James Ramp was shot as he was assisting a fellow officer who himself had just been gravely wounded by gunfire from MOVE.

-One of the panelists asserts that the bullet that killed Ramp was never linked to any of the weapons found in the MOVE house. This is simply not true. The bullet was linked to a Ruger semi-automatic rifle that was purchased by Phil Africa and was found in the basement.

-Another panelist contended that the MOVE 9 was jailed for the killing of one officer. Again, this is simply not the case. The nine were convicted of the murder of Ramp as well as for the attempted murders of a number of police officers and firemen.

For More on the Case of the MOVE 9 and the killing of James Ramp you can go to my other website at

Now, what I find disturbing about all of this is the fact that the people mouthing these easily disprovable myths are not your typical MOVE zombies (aside from I-Abdul John), but are rather, people of some respect in certain circles. I don’t know whether these people are just suffering from a lack of intellectual curiosity or a moral defect that causes them to stump for monstrous causes, and frankly, I don’t care.

I am of the believe that the next time Karen Pomer makes remarks against war that she should be reminded that she is a supporter of a cult that declared war on Philadelphia and in particular an African-American neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Pomer, who circles the nation with her friend Cindy Sheehan preaching against war and violence supports a cult that effectively murdered the children in their care and tried to gun down a bunch of cops.

The hypocrisy is stunning.


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