Saturday, November 26, 2005

Life Net Radio Responds

(The following is a response to my blog entry by Life Net Radio host Retiarius Zogreso. Zogreso and I have corresponded via email about the coverage of MOVE's symposium at the African-American museum by LNR. I thank him for taking the time to thoughtfully respond to some of the issues raised.)

First, I don't do "reportage". And I don't "cover" them in the
reporters sense of that word. What I do is more akin to an
extended public-service announcement that's open to anyone who
has something relevant to the range of issues LNR is
meant to address. If you want to raise awareness about
something, LNR is a way to do that. If you want to hear
journalistic reporting, we don't get a lot of that on the show.

This being said, Mr. Allen certainly does raise an interesting
point. I myself was surprised that Ramona Africa was the
curator of the exhibit. The curator. I would have expected an
exhibit on MOVE to be curated by Museum staff and to be
featuring material from all sides of the story.

The symposium the next day surprised me the same way: As you
can hear on href="">LNR
, the panelists all seemed to be coming
more-or-less from the same side of the issue.

My role, though, is to give a platform to whomever wants one
and let the listener decide who is right, so I just did my job
(unpaid, by the way) and ran the shows with the same courtesies
I extend to all our guests.


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