Wednesday, April 27, 2005

When Hate Goes To Far

"...Isn't it essential, right away, isn't it vital to stand fast, not to give in, to plead, more than ever, for the truth,...-Bernard Henri-Levy, War, Evil, And the End of History

Since leaving the MOVE cult and speaking out about my experiences with the group over a year ago, some pretty lurid and derogatory invective has been slung my way. Most of it has come from my former friends and comrades within the group and a much smaller contingent of individuals who have appointed themselves to be apologists for the sect's misdeeds.

Of course, being the target of vicious and often deceitful accusations, comes with the territory of being a "whistle blower". I knew this before I said one word about MOVE and over the past twelve months or so, my lily white skin has grown more difficult to puncture by rhetorical barbs flung constantly in my direction.

But yesterday, a MOVE supporter went too far.

Yesterday, threats were made, my beautiful child was brought up by name in a despicable context, and my wife, who has suffered much more of MOVE's emotional cruelty than have I, was repeatedly disparaged. After it was clear to the author of these posts that he and his threats were not wanted, he persisted, and even tried to disguise his identity in a pathetic and desperate attempt to post more of his deranged screeds.

As much as I have an obligation to speak out about MOVE and allow at least a modest kind of debate about the sect to occur, I have a much larger obligation to my family's safety, security, and well being.

I also have an obligation to see to it that nobody who would come on to my website has to deal with threats of physical violence made against them because of their comments or opinions. The last thing that I would ever want would be someone from either side of the debate about MOVE to be hurt or worse because of something written by someone on this blog.

So, for the time being, at least, comments will be discontinued from this site.

It bothers me greatly to do this and it is not something that I do lightly. I have put up with people coming on here bashing my wife, as well as myself,. Like I said, it comes with the territory. And let's face it, I have dished it out just as much as I have taken it. But when someone comes onto this site and takes things to a physical level while at the same time speaking perversely of my beautiful child, that is where I have to say enough is enough.

There has been enough violence associated with MOVE, and this site will not be a forum that will allow anyone to encourage it. For we all know that death and pain needs no advocates, especially within the context of a cult that is awash in the blood of its victims and whose apostates carry deep emotional scars from their time within MOVE.

Yesterday's episode of MOVE inspired hatred once again reminded me of how the two most salient elements of an authoritarian sect a commitment to deceit and a willingness to inspire and commit violence, are indissolubly related.

In order for a group like MOVE to exist, it can never become tolerant of its critics views. This is because, as an extremist religious cult, its membership considers the group infallible. In reality, no one can bear claim to such a thing. So it is oftentimes necessary to rearrange past events, in order to show that mistakes were not made and to display to adherents imaginary triumphs, where in reality, there is a swath of defeats.

The other, more dangerous, aspect of this constant historical revisionism consists of writing people right out the groups history, or at the very least, making up fantastical and outrageous stories about people. This is done through the incubation and circulation of outrageous conspiracy theories spread about as a means of obfuscation and a very good way of controlling current members of the sect.

For if MOVE members and supporters learn anything from my plight and that of my posthumous friend, John Gilbride, it is that if you cross MOVE, you will be confronted with shameless and oftentimes perverse accusations created in order to cause maximum mental anguish and fear.

For example, the silly lie about me being a teenage police informant and the grotesque lie about John Gilbride sipping Mai-Thais on a tropical paradise after he was murdered in New Jersey display this paticularly Stalinoind tendency of the group quite well. With MOVE, the examples of such contempt for truth are as plentiful as they are just plain creepy and stupid.

But I would be remiss if I did not take talk of threats from the MOVE camp seriously, for we know that on multiple occasions members or supporters have tried to make good on such threats. Nobody who cares should forget that just days before John Gilbride was brutally gunned down, he was in court recounting how a MOVE supporter had threatened him in the midst of an ambush at the home of his ex-wife, MOVE leader, Alberta Africa.

The legacy of MOVE and its violence is long and arduous and very telling. Let nobody be deluded by this group's flowery propaganda of peace and love ad-nauseam..

The real MOVE is what we saw on this blog yesterday. The real MOVE is what we have seen in days past and, if left un-checked and free of monitoring, it is the MOVE that I am quite sure that we will see again.

For me, I have seen enough of MOVE's violence and it's misguided and pathetic band of apologists.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

MOVE Supporter Shows True Colors

As if anyone needs more proof that the MOVE Organization and their supporters are wedded to a violent ideology, a MOVE supporter posted the following on the blog today:

"...But i know you got to come down here and see your parents so if i see your little ass in the street we will see how much shit you pop then. Cause not only am i smarter then you, but you remember when we use to box down here? I know you are as soft as the cotten candy you always putting in your mouth. So we can got at it intellectually or i can just kick your ass.
Oh and i do owe you a fuck you. And before you pass this off to the cops as a threat don't bother cause i'm not looking for you but if i run into you down here, it's on bitch."

Perhaps realizing what he had said the author of this post removed it not long after posting it. However, this is something that I will not have on my website from anyone.

This is not the first time that a MOVE supporter has directed this kind of rhetoric at me and I am sure it will not be the last. But it is the last time that it happens on this blog.

This website will not become a conduit for violent thoughts or aspirations from anyone regardless of whether they agree with me or disagree with me.

Nobody deserves threats of violence simply because they express ideas that other people don't like and I will not tolerate it from anyone who leaves comments on this blog.

I hate to have to take on the role of "hall monitor", but I guess that is what I have to do.

From now on if someone posts threats or hints of violence towards any person, their posts will be removed, as will any future posts that are left by the same person. It is that simple.

I like the comment feature on this blog and hope to be able to keep it, but if incidents like what happened today continue to occur, I will have no choice, but to remove the feature from the site. I do not have time to babysit people who cannot control their violent impulses

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Mumia's Terror Connection

It used to be that the cause of saving Mumia would attract relatively well respected people. I can recall meeting the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Cornel West, Ed Asner, Mos Def, and numerous others. Now, with the movement suffering the inevitable diminishing returns of a faux cause, things are getting a little tight.

Now the Mumia movement has, as one of its shining stars, a woman who has been convicted of aiding an Islamo-fascist terrorist group. The woman, a self-proclaimed "radical attorney" named Lynne Stewart, is facing twenty years in prison.

Before she goes, though, she is hitting the lecture circuit and stumping for Jamal.
Just this past weekend, Stewart was the featured speaker at a pro-Jamal event in San Francisco.

"Lynne will be the featured speaker at a 2-5 pm, Mission High School mass rally (18th and Dolores, San Francisco) for Mumia Abu-Jamal - celebrating Mumia's birthday. The rally includes a concert by Michael Franti. Pam Africa will also speak as well as Mumia's lead counsel, Robert R. Bryan and Bay Area National Lawyers Guild Executive Director, Carlos Villarreal. This will be the main event of Lynne's tour. Mumia will record greeting for the rally. $20; $15 for students and seniors."

But defending obvious cop-killers is not the only naughty thing that Stewart is interested in doing. It seems that she has joined in on the "War On Terror"...on the side of terrorists.

Recently, Stewart was convicted of providing material support to terrorism, conspiracy, and defrauding the government. She may well face up to twenty years in prison for her role in supporting Islamo-fascists terrorists, which for a woman in her sixties, amounts to a death sentence.

Stewart's criminality began in 1995, when Stewart defended and became friends with "the Blind Sheikh" Omar Abdel Rahman, the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. According to prosecutors, Stewart, along with two co-defendants, passed messages from the sheik to his followers, who were members of an Egyptian terrorist group. This group was dedicated to, amongst other things, overthrowing the secular and nominally pro-western regime of Hosni Mubarak.

According to prosecutors, Stewart, in effect, allowed Rahman to perpetrate a "jailbreak" of sorts by creating a communications network allowing him to issue orders to his terrorist followers. The seven count indictment against Stewart alleged that she and her co-defendants did, in fact, "provide personnel." What this means in essence is that Lynne Stewart crossed the line from being legal counsel to Rahman, to being a member of his terroristic enterprises.

Not surprisingly, Stewart is an apparatchik of the International Action Center, a Stalinoid front group that prides itself on supporting some of the most vile regimes and individuals on the planet. It is also one of the few remaining groups to actively campaign for Jamal and has allowed its venues and programs to be forums for MOVE's inane sermons.

Apparently, it was Ramsey Clark, the founder of the IAC, who led Stewart to take on Rahman's case and it has been the IAC cadres who have most readily run to Stewart's defense. Much like with the case of Jamal, guilt, innocence, or evidence doesn't matter. What is important to those who defend Stewart is that she lays a claim to the sectarian left and espouses a kind of crude anti-capitalist ideology, never mind the thousands of pieces of evidence arrayed against her or that she openly advocates the destruction of the United States.

Lynne Stewart, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and those who share their ideology have allowed their contempt for injustice within this nation to side with those who want to destroy it. They have thrown their cards in with people who do not want the expansion of democracy, but seek the abolition of it and will use any method to achieve their malevolent ends.

But what allows for such a state of affairs to exist? What accounts for large elements of the far left in this country being so enamored by and willing to defend terrorists bent on installing the most despotic kind of regimes that the world has ever seen?

Author Paul Berman sums it up this way:

"What have we needed for these terrorists to prosper? We have needed immense failures of political courage and imagination within the Muslim world. We have needed an almost willful lack of curiosity about those failures by people in other parts of the world-the lack of curiosity that allowed us to suppose that totalitarianism had been defeated, even as totalitarianism was reaching a new zenith. We have needed handsome doses of wishful thinking-the kind of simpleminded faith in a rational world that, in its inability to comprehend reality, sparked the totalitarian movements in the first place...We have needed a provincial ignorance about intellectual currents in other parts of the world. We have needed foolish resentments in Europe, and a foolish arrogance in America. We have needed so many things! But there has been no lack-everything needed has been there in abundance."

Included, I would add, a lack of courage to stand up to such a threat even when it becomes apparent that it is one that we all must face.

Does the United States, along with other nations of Western Culture, have its blemishes, its flops, and its failures. Certainly, but at what price will we pay to buttress the cruelties of terrorism and tyranny?

Democracy is not a finished product, as the amendments of the Constitution have proven. With every growth in wisdom of the generations past of exposing injustices and biggotry, an new amendment appeared in the document that is the foundation of this country. With the Husseins of Iraq, the Melosovichs of the former-Yugoslavia, and the Kim-Jong Il of the slave-state of North Korea, there are no radifications. There are no protests. The only voice heard is of the state.

Is that the freedom that the radical left wants?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I Can't Make This Stuff Up!

It seems that every time I think that the "Free Mumia/MOVE" crowd cannot sink any deeper, I am proven wrong.

A couple of days ago this little gem was posted on the website of the International Concerned Family And Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal website. It says in part that:

"The MOVE 9 have been in prison since 1978 serving 30-100 year sentences following a massive police assault on their home in Powelton Village, Philadelphia where a police officer was killed by an unidentified bullet.""Unidentified"?


This is a new one to me. As long as I had been around MOVE they had claimed that Ramp was shot by the police. Now they want to claim that the bullet was "unidentified"?

This new story put forward by MOVE, just the same as the old, is simply not true.

As anyone who reads this blog, or bothers to investigate the case of the "MOVE 9" knows, the bullet that killed Ramp came from a MOVE weapon. A weapon that was purchased by a MOVE member. A weapon that witnesses testified they observed MOVE members clutching in the basement.

Maybe the next theory about Ramp is that he is not actually dead at all. Maybe he is chilling in the same tropical paradise that John Gilbride is at. Or maybe MOVE is just full of shit...I'll place my bets on the latter.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

James Ramp, The MOVE 9, And Justice

There are some things that people should know about the events of August 8, 1978, and of equal importance, about the "MOVE 9." It is also important to examine what MOVE really thinks about their "brothers and sisters" who have been in jail for over 25 years.

First of all, it is important to explore the possibility that James Ramp was killed by one of his fellow officers. A good place to begin is by looking at the list of wounded from the gunfire on August 8, 1978, for it speaks volumes as to the believability of MOVE's theories.

Wounded Police

Officer James Ramp (killed by a bullet fired from .223 caliber rifle linked conclusively to a weapon taken from MOVE HQ. This weapon was purchased by MOVE member Phil Africa.)

Lieutenant William H. Krause (gunshot wounds to the abdomen and right arm)

Officer Thomas Hesson (gunshot wounds to the chest)

Officer Charles Stewart (gunshot wounds to the right shoulder, leg, and head

Officer Harry Mackel (bullet shots to the buttocks)

Officers Giest and Hurst (smoke inhalation)

Wounded Firefighters

John Walsh (bullet wounds to neck and head)

Robert Snead (shotgun pellet wounds to the face)

Dennis O'Neil (shotgun pellet wounds to the left arm)

Robert Lentine (shotgun pellet wounds to the face)

Two other firefighters sustained minor injuries

This list of bullet wounds is relevent for, if one is to believe MOVE's theory of events, all of these men would have had to have been shot by their own comrades. They would also have had to have been shot by at least two different types of weapons, both shotgun and rifle.

Let’s assume for a moment that MOVE’s theory is correct, that the police shot one of their own officers in order to railroad and convict MOVE members.

If this were true, it would be a conspiracy that would literally involve hundreds of people. It would have to include the police themselves, officers who would literally turn their guns on their own friends and co-workers. Remember, it was not just Ramp who was shot, other officers were gravely wounded and could have lost their lives in the incident.

Firefighters would also have had to be in on the plan, as well. A number of them testified in court that they saw MOVE members with guns, as well as being fired upon by MOVE members through the floor of MOVE headquarters. Other firefighters were on the deluge hoses directing water into the MOVE basement when they were struck by the MOVE gunfire, gunfire that could only have come from the basement.

The media and other observers would also have to be involved in the conspiracy to frame MOVE. With only a couple of exceptions, the reporters on the scene clearly indicated that the gun fire came from MOVE’s basement and came first.

Facts About the Case of the “MOVE 9"

-More than 2,000 rounds of ammunition was removed from the MOVE Basement, as were eleven “operable” weapons.

-When Police and negotiators, Walter Palmer and a Catholic Priest, implored MOVE members to at least let the children go, the response was “Why don’t you take gasoline and set fire to us?”

-MOVE’s own children would tell investigators that “all” of the MOVE adults had weapons and that MOVE members opened fire “cause cops ain’t wanna shoot.”

-Multiple police officers and firefighters reported seeing MOVE members holding weapons. Chuck Africa was observed with the type of rifle that was linked to the death of James Ramp.

-The soonest that MOVE members may be elligbible for release would be 2008. The fact that they have yet to admit their obvious guilt, as well as the issue that they have instigated numerous violent episodes while incarcerated, makes it unlikely that they would be paroled at that time. Delbert Africa often boasts to visitors how he put a guard in a head lock through the feeding hole of the door and encouraged other inmates to escape.

Do MOVE’s Leaders Really Want to “Free the MOVE 9"

Despite all of MOVE’s rhetoric to the contrary, I would have to say the answer to that would be a big fat NO.

As it stands right now, Alberta Africa is in complete control of MOVE. Since her release from prison, though, she has defiled nearly every principle that John Africa allegedly stood for.

The reigning heir of MOVE and widow of John Africa lives in a big house in a white neighborhood, with her second white husband, and her white son that she gave birth to through in vitro-fertilization. Alberta has put her son in modeling and ballet classes, while other MOVE children are barely afforded the abilities to spell their own names.

She is known to hit the booze every now and then. Plus, unlike every other person in the cult, she doesn’t contribute a dime to support her extravagant lifestyle. She lives off of a trust fund, while other MOVE members and supporters live in near squalid conditions working sometimes multiple jobs.

The last thing this woman wants is MOVE members who actually may believe in “MOVE law” to come out of prison and see how this woman has made a mockery out of their precious “religion.” I would think with the MOVE 9 out of prison, her days in power would be numbered.

Another issue worth mentioning is the MOVE cult’s obsession with Mumia to the detriment of their own imprisoned members. Mumia gets a team of attorneys, private investigators, fully paid tuition to colleges etc...What do the MOVE 9 get? One underpaid out classed and inexperienced attorney who won’t return their calls or letters. Nearly every time I visited MOVE members in jail, the conversation would lead inevitably to their awful legal situation and how they felt their attorney was inept. Although they never dared to say it out loud, I always sensed an undercurrent of resentment and jealousy towards the attention and resources afforded to Mumia and not them.

But why would MOVE’s leaders in essence abandon the “fight to free the MOVE 9?" After all, isn’t their freedom what the martyrs of May 13th died for? Maybe, but today’s MOVE only cares about yesterday’s martyrs and only if there is some kind of profit involved in either monetary means or in supporter membership increases.

The reality is, there is no fortune to be made in fighting for the MOVE 9. Their aren’t fund-raising trips to California and France. There are no celebrities waiting in line to get on visiting lists to go see MOVE members in jail. It is a cause that never really took hold and only exists on the peripheral of Mumia’s case.

Maybe the MOVE 9 should take to writing bad poetry and start quoting Howard Zinn. Maybe they should attach themselves to any and every lefty political cause that comes their way. Maybe than MOVE’s leaders will start to pay attention to their abandoned comrades. It could happen, but, I doubt it.

Then again, maybe they will wake up and realize that in surrendering their lives to the irrational dictates of a megalomaniac, they squandered their futures on an unrealizable dream that undeniably became a living nightmare of death..

Maybe they will lament sacrificing their children to John Africa. Maybe they'll see that the self proclaimed protector of life actually was a bringer of death and suffering.

Maybe they have started to realize that it is more than likely that they will die in prison, alone and forgotten. The tiny bit of support they garnered through the Mumia movement is all, but gone. They are victims of diminishing returns mixed with people's apprehension about getting involved with a cult that preaches life, but is awash in blood, pain, fear (and most recently for John Gilbride) death.

As for me, I will see the “MOVE 9” again. I will be at their parole hearings with the letters they sent me celebrating the death of John Gilbride. I will be there to tell people that until they end their cynical peddling of lies that they deserve to live in the hell that they have made for themselves.

When all is said and done, they have no one to blame for their predicament, but themeslves. They may have been nieve in believing that John Africa was the answer to all the world's problems, however, they made the decision to brandish weapons, threaten the lives of police and firemen, and then deliver their promise to kill anyone who came to their headquarters in Powelton Village. They squeezed the trigger and now they must accept culpability for their actions.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Check Out The Smerconish Column in Today's Daily News

From Today's Philadelphia Daily News:

"These neighbors were devastated. They were broken. They were angry. They didn't just lose their homes. Worse, they lost so much precious memorabilia.

I will never forget their horror stories. Just like the residents of Powelton Village before them (the horror show that ended with MOVE's murder of Police Officer James Ramp on Aug. 8, 1978) the residents of Osage Avenue had to endure a tremendous burden inflicted by the self-described "back-to-nature" group.

Garbage and rats. The blare of bullhorns. Threats of violence. Constant tension.

As Tony Allen, a former MOVE supporter told me, "The MOVE organization represents a cult of death... the group turned a quiet working-class community into a war zone complete with an aresenal of weapons and a bunker complete with firing ports.

"While you can find plenty to criticize about the actions of city officials on May 13, 1985, no one should ever forget that the crisis was instigated by a group of individuals bent upon bringing death upon themselves and the children within their care."

MOVE's Osage Avenue neighbors told me that in the weeks leading up to the confrontation, they would be awakened by the pitter-patter of footsteps on their rooftops made by MOVE members, the same people who would build the rooftop bunker that was bombed with C-4 from a helicopter."

Check out the rest at
Or if you want me to email the whole story to you contact me at

Monday, April 11, 2005

Quick Update

I haven't posted in a while and wanted to let people know what is going on...

Pay Pal-

I had to take off the Pay Pal link from the site because there was an issue with my security...Better to be safe than sorry I guess. At a later date I will try to work something out to allow people to help out financially.

Hit Counter...

Some of you may have seen the "hit counter" at the bottom of the blog. Since I put it on the site nearly two weeks ago we have received nearly 400 hits. I think that is pretty good considering this is a little blog about a little cult...

MOVE Website...

I have been taking time off from the "Blog" in order to concentrate my efforts on getting the website up and running. Although I am by no means any kind of expert on the construction of websites things are going pretty well. The site should be up and running in a couple of weeks.

Although I did have to take the Pay Pal link off the site I think it important to mention that I did receive the funds necessary to purchase the domain name and have enough cash to keep the site up for one year.

Take care,

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Donate to the Anti-MOVE Blog

Let me put this simply. Researching MOVE costs money. Websites cost money. Keeping my family safe costs money. If any of you out there reading this would like to assist in getting the word out about MOVE and believe in what I am doing, than you can assist in my efforts by kicking a few bucks my way. I am by no means a rich man and despite MOVE's repeated assertions, I have never been on the government's payroll. With a few execeptions everything that I have bought to assist me in this endeavor I have paid for out of my own pocket.

Fact is that the more resources that I have at my disposal the easier it is for me to combat MOVE's propaganda and recruiting efforts.

If you have some spare change to send my way, than by all means click on the "Donate" icon at the bottom of this webpage. Any funds raised on this site will go directly to either providing security for myself and my family or for researching MOVE.

Thanks in advance,
Tony Allen

Monday, April 04, 2005

Stalinists for MOVE

“The majority of pacifists either belong to obscure religious sects or are simply humanitarians who object to taking life and prefer not to follow their thoughts beyond that point. But there is a minority of intellectual pacifists, whose real though unacknowleged motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration of totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writing of the younger pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States...”
-George Orwell, Notes on Nationalism

There are fewer and fewer groups who still actively support MOVE and their chief supporter and apologist, Mumia Abu-Jamal. One group that has remained steadfast in it’s support of Jamal and MOVE is a group that calls itself the International Action Center.

If you have heard anything about the International Action Center (IAC) than what you have likely heard is what the group and it’s various offshoots (such as the International A.N.S.W.E.R) are opposed to.

According to the group’s website the IAC is dedicated to:

"Information, Activism, and Resistance to U.S.
Militarism, War, and Corporate Greed,
Linking with Struggles Against Racism and Oppression
within the United States"

The IAC has made enormous contributions to the movement to “free Mumia” and has been a conduit for MOVE’s inane propaganda throughout the years. The IAC and it’s various front groups are well funded and relatively organized. But what lies behind the facade of leftist populism that the IAC uses to recruit followers and raise funds?

Looking at the reality of the IAC, it is not hard to see why they so readily support a murderer and a cult that enslaves it’s children and threatens it’s critics.

A website that examined the IAC concludes that:

“The International Action Center is a prominent Left organization located in New York City which is known for organizing large Left protests. What most people don't know is that an authoritarian left organization stands behind the IAC, an organization known as the Workers World Party. Both organizations have been criticized by Left activists for supporting unsavory leaders such as Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic. They support these unsavory rulers because they subscribe to a shallow version of anti-imperialism. Quite simply, they will support any regime, no matter how vile they really are, if that regime is opposed to U.S. imperialism and aggression.”

Perhaps the best known IAC figure is former U.S. Attorney General under the Johnson administration, Ramsey Clark. Clark, who recently offered his legal services to his friend Saddam Hussein, is an apologist for, and defender of, some of the most vile human beings that one could imagine. He also has no problem defending cultists in their efforts to dupe and extort money from their followers and supporters. Again, from the same website:

“Things started to smell really fishy in 1989, when Clark represented ultra-right cult-master Lyndon LaRouche and six cohorts on conspiracy and mail fraud charges. The LaRouchies had been bilking their naive followers of their savings by getting them to cough up their credit card numbers. Clark (who had been silent when the real COINTELPRO was conducted under his watch at the Justice Department) now charged that the LaRouche case was an "outgrowth" of COINTELPRO. He said the case was manufactured by LaRouche's "powerful enemies within the establishment" who targeted the cult because of its crusade "to combat the traffic in so-called 'recreational drugs'...and the practice of usury."

Ramsey Clark however, did not limit his activism to merely protecting quirky and relatively harmless political cults. He moved onto to terrorists and war criminals. A look at Ramsey’s career is like looking at a snap-shot of pure evil. Consider:

“Clark also represented PLO leaders in a suit brought by the family of Leon Klinghoffer, the elderly vacationer who was shot and thrown overboard from the hijacked Achille Lauro cruise-ship by renegade Palestinian terrorists in 1986...Another Clark client was Karl Linnas, an ex-Nazi concentration camp guard in Estonia (where he had overseen the murder of some 12,000 resistance fighters and Jews), who was being deported from the US to the USSR to face war crimes charges. Clark again lost the case, but again went to bat for his client in the public arena, questioning the need to prosecute Nazis "forty years after some god-awful crime they're alleged to have committed."...In 1992, Radovan Karadzic, the leader of the Bosnian Serbs, was served with federal subpoenas when he touched down in New York for UN meetings. The National Organization for Women and the Center for Constitutional Rights, acting on behalf of Bosnian refugee women, were charging him with ordering mass rape and war crimes. Clark, of course, immediately came forward to represent Karadzic. Clark also made junkets to Serb-occupied Bosnia to schmooze with Karadzic (as did various Russian neo-fascists, like Vladimir Zhirinovsky)...Clark..., represented Elizaphan Ntakirutimana,, a Rwandan Hutu fighting extradition from the US to face charges of genocide collaboration before the UN tribunal. The WWP line simultaneously (and predictably) tilted to the genocidal Hutu militias as the UN wrote up war crime charges against their leaders for ordering the slaughter of half a million Tutsi civilians in 1994. (Clark lost the case, and in March 2000, Ntakirutimana was deported to Tanzania, where the UN tribunal on Rwanda was held).”

Upon reading through the above information one might be tempted to conclude that it is all just “right wing” propaganda designed to demonize the one of the largest anti-war groups and it’s most visible and articulate spokesperson. This conclusion, however would be wrong. All of the information cited about the IAC and Ramsey Clark came from an anarchist website.

I guess not everyone on the left is duped by the Stalinists at the Workers World Party and the numerous front groups that they use to hide their nefarious agenda. And I must say that it is refreshing to see true anti-authoritarian leftists speaking out against the IAC “hacktivists” who have attempted to hijack progressive movements with their thuggish and dishonest tactics.

For groups like the IAC it doesn’t matter that Saddam Hussein murdered thousands of his own people just as it doesn’t matter to them that MOVE enslaves their own children and forces their twelve year old daughters to be sexually violated.

This is a group that cares nothing about freedom or justice or even peace. Their aim is for the destruction of democratic values and the installation of hardline communist regimes. And they will take up the banner of anyone who claims to be anti-American, no matter the crimes they commit or how disconnected from reality they are.

And people wonder why the left in this country has a hard time getting people to listen to their message...

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