Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hard Times for MOVE Members and Supporters

To be a MOVE supporter right now must feel something like sitting quietly on a sinking trash barge without a life vest. Just take a minute to review some of the increasingly paranoid and delusional tracts they have posted at their "Free Mumia" website. Anyone, who still holds any residual reservations about MOVE not being a creepy, Manson-esque haven of mania need only spend a few minutes reviewing these scary screeds of doom to be utterly convinced that these authors need some serious therapy.

The MOVE controlled Jamal movement, once able to draw the attention and cash of activists the world over, now dies a slow and painful death. The pro-Jamal cause could, at its height, bring thousands of protesters to Philadelphia to demand Jamal's freedom. Now, organizers struggle to get a pitiful 150-200 people to come out to their "mass rallies." It is a movement in decline, a victim of its own deceit and authoritarian tendencies from its self-appointed leader Pam Africa.

As if the diminishing returns of the Jamal movement was not bad enough, the pro-Jamal cause has been getting a justified schlacking in the press. The icing on the cake came from Philly's African American mayor making positively clear he believes that Jamal belongs in jail.

As for MOVE itself, they received the bad news that yet another appeal on behalf of the MOVE 9 was denied. To top it off, MOVE is once again being linked to the murder of John Gilbride.

This all must be paticularly difficult for MOVE's closest supporters, whom must endure this steady barrage of defeats from the vantage point of being pseudo-cultists. They must live the life of a MOVE person and, of course, mouth the tired lies of MOVE. But, at the end of the day, they must resign themselves to the fact that in the eyes of MOVE, they are viewed with a mix of suspicion and thinly veiled contempt.

A true MOVE supporter must claim allegiance to MOVE, and its long dead founder, without even having the chance to read the vast majority of his teachings. These "guidelines" are guarded like the Crown Jewels of London by MOVE's decaying "elite" and are rationed out in a way that would make you think that their revelations would cause the reader to spontaneously combust.

Just imagine, for instance, if a Christian was told by church authorities that they could only view the first five pages of the Book of Genesis. Then you will get a sense of just how hermetic, secretive, and stupid the world of MOVE truly is.

Arguably the worst part about being a MOVE supporter is knowing that at least part of what you are expected to say and write and advocate is false. You know it but you do it anyway. Because dissent is not allowed and dissolution of the intellect is the most cherished aspiration.

No one should ever be surprised when a group that desires to disengage the cerebral cortex of it's own members and supporters, has it's walls perpetually falling in around it.


At 11:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure is, that's what happens when you fight for the underdog, the oppressed.

Must be good times for these Mumia sellouts, though, I'm sure they are having a ball with this goofy weblog that only cop lovers and other friends of the "man" peruse.

At 8:26 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mumia sellouts" nah..those that have abandoned the "cause" have come to realize the TRUTH... Mumia was and IS an affirmed convicted "political prisoner" no fluff...just the facts. What MOVE tries to project regarding this murderer are falshoods that can easily be discredited by reading the entire transcripts and the appeal transcripts. Try it, you might learn something...and no..I'm not a Cop.

At 6:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

when a system has no justice to give, when it was founded on theft and deception- do you really think trial transcripts and the criminal justice system carry any truth?

you have yet to be burned by the system, but when you do and it never fails, you will remember this.

At 8:22 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"do you really think trial transcripts and the criminal justice system carry any truth"

Yes I do especially when I attended most of of the Faulkner murder trial and later read the transcripts. The only thing that could not be put in words were the antics of MOVE, inside and out, and the defendant Mumia

At 11:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"burned by the system" if is you who put the hand in the fire meaning, take responsibility for your own actions


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