Saturday, February 19, 2005

What A Difference a Murder Makes

Before ex-MOVE supporter John Gilbride was savagely gunned down in his car after returning home from work, his ex-wife (current MOVE leader and opponent in John's battle for custody of his son) had this to say in a letter to the judge in charge of Philadelphia Family Court Judge Myrna Field during their custody dispute:

"John is a traitor to me, to his son, and to MOVE, and he is an enemy, not a friend."

Not long after John's savage assassination, MOVE member and spokesperson Ramona Africa was in damage control mode. In an interview with a Philadelphia City Paper reporter, she had this to say:

"We never hated John Gilbride. He was not our enemy."

What a difference a murder makes.

Does anyone besides me view MOVE's turnabout as being anything other than extremely suspicious?

For more information on John's death, keep reading this blog, or go to and look up the MOVE Organization.


At 9:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony-- Do you think Mumia deserves a new trial? I don't have any firm opinion on his innonence or guilt but it did seem like his trial was something of joke. Also I have some doubts about a black guy getting a fair trial, in 1980 Philadelphia, for killing a cop.


At 5:27 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

After literally going over every piece of evidence and transcript there is available (including visiting the crime scene) and nearly every opinion on the matter that has been offered I have come to the conclusion that Mumia should be in jail, but not on death row. No new trial is needed in my opinion

At 8:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To answer the first anonymous post, the only joke at Mumia's trial was himself, the Move plants in the courtroom and the demo's outside shouting their filth. How do I know...I attended most of the trial, and as did Mr Allen, have been to the crime scene many times. The point is the status of a "fair trial" has been reviewed over and over and has been affirmed...a fair trial...and GUILTY. MOVES new so called evidence are nothing but lies,not factual ie:Beverly confession, Mumia's affidavit, Billy Cook's affidavit and on and on. For a really good site that can answer questions go to the DanielFaulkner/Mumia abu Jamal justice forum or trial transcripts at Justice for Daniel

At 10:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mumia should not get a new trial in my opinion.

He should be set free immediately and unconditionally!


At 5:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sooo...please tell us WHY you would want a convicted murderer set free unconditionally? Tell us why this case, after being reviewed by over 12 Justices/Judges, found no cause to set the murderer free and spare us the "political prisoner" garbage.

At 6:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

becuz mumia was railroaded, he is innocent, and is on death row for his membership in the panthers, his support for move and his undying journalistic efforts to raise awareness to real problems in amerikkka, unlike the coporate owned media.

At 7:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^^great answer anonymous. I see you posted "FACTS"...Is that you're best shot? What you post is "the party line" . Try again ,come on, you can do better

At 11:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Have you really deluded yourself into believing that the government would care enough about some irrelevant clown's "membership in the panthers" and his "support for move" that they would "railroad" him? One would think then that this ominous group of "railroaders" would have long ago disposed of Pam Africa and the rest of MOVE in a similarly ingeniously executed manner, don't you think?

Seriously, you far-left extremists barely register on anyone's radar, because, frankly, most of us just don't care what you lunatics think or say. You're barely important enough to be replied to in the comments of this blog post, let alone "railroaded" by some conspiratorial, top-secret government "railroading" effort.

At 1:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Government cared enough about Fred Hampton to kill him in bed. Just one rather unambiguous example; there is also enough proof of misconduct and bias that nothing on that front can be ruled out. And ruling something out on the invective "irrelevant clown" does not make anyone look smart, less so soemone who probably elected one.

That being said, I don't think railroading was the case here. Jail probably deserved, death sentence not in a justice system deserving that designation.


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