Monday, February 21, 2005

MOVE's (Sort of) Response To My Challenge

Today, Ramona Africa had this to say about my challenge to an internet debate:

The MOVE Organization recently issued a resolution to the lies and disgruntled ramblings of Tony and Lori Allen. We asked them to meet us in a public forum for a face-to-face debate to let the public decide who's right and who's wrong, who's the liar and who's honest. The Allens responded over the internet that they have given us the opportunity to respond to them, numerous times, over the internet and that we have refused. Tony and Lori Allen don't dictate to MOVE how we respond to their lies, or anybody else's lies. We do things according to MOVE's strategy, period. Now, we invited them to a public debate, and either they're gonna debate us or be exposed to everybody for the cowardly liars they are.

The MOVE Organization

For more information about MOVE's repeated refusals to "debate" the issues that I have raised about the group, check out the "MOVE Wants To Debate" article and than tell me who the "cowards" are.


At 9:09 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tony :

I too am most impressed with your blog and your lucid writing . I wish I knew A LOT more about the MOVEment and the Mumia case , but from what I have observed , it seemed as though much of the celebrity support they have enjoyed is dwindling ...did I not read about some folks retracting support upon hearing further facts of the case ?Isn't it now generally accepted that Mumia killed Faulkner , and that he is the albatross that prevents the Anti-Death Penalty movement from being taken with the seriousness it deserves? I'd like to hear more about this part of the story .

I'd also echo a concern I've read in your comments section , and that would be the repeated if un-explained condemnation of Noam Chomsky . I really don't get that .
If you are saying that too often Chomsky quotes , like Gueverra pictures , are made into t-shirts and banners by those who just don't get it , I would have to agree, but the substance of Chomsky is a very different thing . AS someone furthering an honest dialogue on vital current social issues ,I should think you'd be encouraging readers to engage thoughtful readership of Noam, and embrace the substance of his questions to unjust authority, rather than either extreme of blanket condemnation or tshitification ...
I'd like to hear more from you regarding the underlying distain of Chomsky , entirely from the point of view of furthering uderstanding and varied perspective .

Thanks for good words .

At 6:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

his writing is not lucid, its downright putrid!


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